Who We Are

What is FitGuana?

FitGuana helps people connect with trainers who have something unique to offer.  We offer a community of fitness and wellness professionals, who  have created no nonsense programs to make a positive change in your life, fitness, eating habits and overall wellbeing.

FitGuana is a platform which gives you the opportunity to find the fitness, nutrition or wellness program that is best suited for your needs.  

Our marketplace gives hard working fitness and wellness professionals a chance to promote their work and make it available to the public.

Our Mission

We built FitGuana with a few goals in mind:

  • Offer a universal platform for fitness and wellness professionals where they can showcase and connect with clients worldwide with a fair and transparent fee structure.
  • Create a fair, trustworthy and non manipulative source of programs for all athletes and athletes to be.  Both an aspiring pro player and a parent recovering from an injury can find programs that fits their needs.
  • Set the example for the future of the industry.  We believe in pure and real fitness, no shortcuts, no manipulation and no practices which are exclusive for the financial gain of shareholders or big brand names.  FitGuana wants to be the much needed change in the fitness and wellness industry.

Bring Back Nature

FitGuana is the brainchild of the folks at Bring Back Nature, Inc: a blog, marketplace and access point for natural living, with a focus on: 

  • An outdoor active lifestyle
  • Natural elements in the house and office
  • Promoting nature related activities

Bring Back Nature, Inc. is ​a Benefit Corporation, a for profit corporation which is obligated, under it’s articles of incorporation, to consider the impact on our environment, society and culture.  

This means Bring Back Nature, Inc. isn’t run solely for the purpose of the shareholders, but to make the world we live in a little better.