How to Make your Workout more Efficient

Whether you’re new to it or an experienced athlete, here are some pointers on how to make your workout more effective:

– Fuel your body well.  A body that doesn’t have what it needs to perform will be lacking in the gym.  Just compare it to a car that doesn’t have fuel or oil.  Make sure you ate several hours before a workout but you can have a snack (with carbs and some protein) shortly before to give your body what it needs!  Also hydrate well and have a snack bar / protein shake right after your workout, followed by a meal shortly after.

Start with something fun to get you motivated.

Push yourself with intervals or compound exercises.  Do high intensity intervals with short breaks or perform a lot of compound exercises (using different muscle groups at the same time) to intensify your workout.

Keep the talking to a low.  Working out with your best friend is a lot of fun and time might go fast but you are also sacrificing part of your workout with the talking.  Either agree to keep it to a minimum, work out with a random person in a group class or by yourself.  If you can’t, maybe extend your workout or compete with your friend during the session.

Compete with others, even if they don’t know it.  On cardio machines or in drills, try to pick one person and compete with him/her.  You can either ask them or just do it for yourself.  Try to stay in front of them or go a little faster.  Just don’t get hurt doing it!

Try out new things.  Don’t get stuck in your same old routine. Try out something else, such as TRX Suspension Bands, Kettle Bells, yoga etc.

Don’t spend more time in the locker room than you do on the gym floor.  I think this is pretty self explanatory!



personal trainer fitness programs FitGuanaBy Sander Vanacker for FitGuana

Sander Vanacker is a personal trainer, CEO of Bring Back Nature, Inc. and founder of FitGuana.  He believes in improving health and wellness by incorporating more nature into our lives, being active and spending more time outdoors.