Fitness Games Part 1

During a workout, most people know what they’re about to do and they successfully complete workout after workout.  After a while however, it can become difficult to find motivation since the structure remains mostly the same or lack of a new stimulus.


That’s why I’m starting these blog series.  I want to introduce you to new drills, games and routines which might blow some new life into your workout routines!  Some of the games will be group based and some others are for the individual workout.  Every blog post will discuss 2 routines.  Some might be extensive and others very simple.


Stay tuned for more articles coming out as I have a lot of routines to share.


1. Group (or pair) game: Everyone runs around.  One person gives commands and the rest of the group has to fulfill these.  Depending on the group size (from 2-…), you can dedicate a certain amount of time per person.  For example a group of 8 people can all do 2 minutes each, which is 16 minutes and great as a warmup.


2. Blackjack game (group game): Take a deck of cards and pick an exercise (multi joint preferred, something that gets the heart rate up and is challenging enough but not too difficult).  You draw a card and the group decided whether they keep it or not – either way they do the amount of reps that is on the card of the exercise that was chosen.  If they keep a card, it counts towards 21.  If they don’t keep a card, it does not but they still do the exercises.


The group has to reach 21 EXACT.  If a card makes the total higher than 21, you do the reps but can’t keep the card as it doesn’t count.




personal trainer fitness programs FitGuanaBy Sander Vanacker for FitGuana

Sander Vanacker is a personal trainer, CEO of Bring Back Nature, Inc. and founder of FitGuana.  He believes in improving health and wellness by incorporating more nature into our lives, being active and spending more time outdoors.