Fitness Games Part 3

Part 3 of the fitness games series.  Remember, some of these are for individuals, others for groups!


– Run in a big circle (preferable on a field).  Your partner runs on the exact opposite side of the field in the same direction as you are.  When the game starts, you accelerate and your partner has to keep up and stay on the exact opposite side of the field as you both circle it.  When you have accelerated, it’s your partners turn.  You can take rests as you need (active – keep jogging slowly) and take turns every time one of you has accelerated and slowed back down.  To make it more interesting, you can copy the movements of your partner as well, such as running backwards, shuffling, bear crawls etc.


– As a group, you pick 5 exercises.  You do these exercises one after the other 5 reps each for 5 minutes without rest.  You keep rotating through.  TWIST: Every minute exact, you interrupt your current set and do 5 reps of burpees or jump squats (depending on your level you pick an alternative exercise) before you proceed with where you left off until the 5 minutes are over.  This should be challenging!




personal trainer fitness programs FitGuanaBy Sander Vanacker for FitGuana

Sander Vanacker is a personal trainer, CEO of Bring Back Nature, Inc. and founder of FitGuana.  He believes in improving health and wellness by incorporating more nature into our lives, being active and spending more time outdoors.