How to Get in Shape as a Beginner?

How to get in shape as a beginner?  Well get one of our workout programs of course!

Just kidding (I’m really not) – but if you want some serious pointers, keep reading.

Unfortunately, there is no one formula that works for everyone.  There is no best way to work out, best training method or piece of equipment despite what any celebrity trainer or huge marketing departments in our multi billion dollar industry say.

I always preach variation and creativity in workout programs since it makes you a better athlete and prevents your body from plateauing.  Also keep in mind, the best workout is the one you enjoy and will stick with!


However, these tips are pretty universal.  Read them and go work out.

– Start slow.  Your body will need time to adjust to the new stimuli.  Work at your own limits and give your body time to rest in between. As you get stronger, you can go harder / heavier, decrease rest times and increase workout duration and frequency.

– Don’t get discouraged.  It might suck at first.  Hey, when I don’t do much for a few weeks and get back into it, it’s rough too.  However don’t let that beat you down.  It all starts with motivation and discipline.  If you lose that, nothing will happen.  Fitness is honest and won’t lie.  If you’re lazy, you’ll look like it.

– Set goals.  I don’t mean the ones like: I want to look like Channing Tatum but you actually look like Snoop Dog…  Set realistic goals, both short term and long term.  It could be minimal such as: I want to be able to do 3 workouts/ week for the full month of May.  Long term goals can be a bit more ambitious.

– Get a chef’s hat!  Why?  Because it’ll remind you to eat right.  Place it in your kitchen and every time you walk in, you’ll see it and it’ll remind you to make the right choices.  It might make you giggle too…  Plan out your meals better than you did before and use common sense.  One thing that has helped me in the past is making a grocery list and sticking to it.  Marrying a woman who’s a great chef helps too!

– Make a killer play list.  It helps – that’s it.

– Try out many things / new things.  Again, variation is great for physical progress.  It will also help figuring out what you really like to do and you might meet some people who will motivate you.  Just don’t ask me how to pick up someone at your gym.  I’m a coach, but not that kind.

– Don’t get hurt dammit!  If something doesn’t feel right, stop doing it.  Go home, do some research on it or maybe it’s just not for you.  There’s plenty of other things out there for you, don’t worry!  If your coach makes you do something you’re not comfortable with, tell him/her and don’t give in to negative pressure.  A good coach can substitute the exercise or routine and will be happy you’re being careful.  It’s your body after all!  Avoid certain ‘hypes’ that use dangerous movements and strategies.  Some are known for high injury rates, despite what they claim.



personal trainer fitness programs FitGuanaBy Sander Vanacker for FitGuana

Sander Vanacker is a personal trainer, CEO of Bring Back Nature, Inc. and founder of FitGuana.  He believes in improving health and wellness by incorporating more nature into our lives, being active and spending more time outdoors.