Why Should You Use FitGuana?

FitGuana is an online marketplace for fitness and wellness programs.  Trainers worldwide can sell their unique services and make them available to any client.  This enables people anywhere to find the program that is perfectly suited for them.

Many stores and websites offer only one trainer’s programs or are part of a large corporation, which markets their brand and sells workout programs like hotcakes.  FitGuana takes a completely different approach.  We pride ourselves in giving every trainer a fair chance and featuring programs we truly believe in.

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We believe you don’t need to be part of a large corporation or be a celebrity trainer to offer quality work.  Perhaps the opposite is true: A hard working trainer may have more individual attention for you as a small business owner than a company who sold 3 million copies of a workout video.


If you are someone looking for a wellness or fitness program, take a look at our global store.  Since we don’t just sell a few programs, you have the opportunity of finding the workout routine that works best for you.  This are not a “one size fits all” type of deal, each product will have its own audience, focus, methods and benefits.

FitGuana Training MindsetAt FitGuana, we don’t claim to have just one solution for everyone.  We don’t claim to be able to get everyone fit with just a few programs.  Instead, we give you choices.  We give you the chance to find a hidden gem.  Find a program or find a trainer who works well with you and look beyond the big brand names.
Don’t start any random fitness routine because some of your friends like a certain one.  Instead, give yourself options.  Contact the trainers who feature their work, ask them some questions and then make an educated decision for yourself, not because some advertisement said so.


If you are a certified coach and are looking to sell your services online, take a look at our Trainer Handbook.  We are currently accepting new trainers and would love to have you.  Contact us at info@FitGuana.com to get approval so we can start building your storefront.  We do have a few conditions for our trainers:

Our Rule Book:

  1. Online personal trainerAs a coach, you will create your best programs at the highest professional standards.
  2. You put the wellbeing of the client first.
  3. You are honest and transparent in your programs descriptions.
  4. You as a trainer are responsible for your programs, feedback, customer service and professionalism.
  5. You will maintain your storefront and update it accordingly.
  6. No profanity, unprofessional, obscene or irrelevant content will be posted.
  7. You will have a liability waiver in place to protect all parties.
  8. Don’t spam and don’t be a jerk.
  9. Support our platform, as well as your colleagues. As a unit, we are stronger and can make a better change in the industry.
  10. You share FitGuana’s philosophy which believes training should be creative, fun, challenging but built upon physiologically proven methods.
  11. Be yourself. Use your strengths to your advantage as a trainer, there’s no need to copy anyone else.

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