Ten Benefits of At Home Workouts

Working out a a gym can be great and motivating. You have like minded people around you, an instructor who can guide you and the equipment you need right there. However, sometimes working out at home can be a good or better option for you. Take a look why we think so:

  1. It’s comfortable. You know your surroundings, you feel at home and there is no awkwardness. You can start any time in your most ugly sweatpants and nobody will judge you for how you look when you do that last burpee or when your hair makes you look like a drunk ostrich.
  2. Who doesn’t like some control? You choose your playlist, how loud you turn up the speakers, the temperature in the room etcetera. You’re in charge and you do things the way you like them. Nobody is there to tell you to stop playing the Frozen soundtrack over and over, dressed as Elsa (if that’s what you’re into).
  3. Spend you time wisely. No more leaving early to go to the gym, having a chat afterwards and coming home late. That one hour workout easily turns into two hours or more. Having a workout routine at home can become much more efficient, saving time which you can spend otherwise.
  4. Anytime, anywhere. Maybe you have a home gym or you work out in the yard, living room or elsewhere. You can pick and choose where and when you work out. You might get in trouble with your neighbors if you do too many downward dog poses on your roof though.  Or they could become big fans, which is a whole other kind of problem.
  5. Training together FitGuana workout fitness programsIt saves money. Online workout programs or virtual coaching are a heck of a lot cheaper than gym memberships or personal training. A downloadable workout program can save you a lot of money, which you can spend on the next argument below.
  6. No need for a ton of equipment. Working out at home can be very minimalistic. If you do want or have a home gym, you can pick the equipment you need or like best. You’d be surprised how little you need to get a great workout regimen going.
  7. Stranger danger! OK maybe not every person at your gym is a creep (or any at all I hope) but some of us don’t like to socialize in the gym, we just want to work out! Training at home is a great way to do your thing without having to chat it up, feel embarrassed and to have some valuable alone time.  Either way, there’s less reason to carry pepper spray with you when you train at home!
  8. Never have to stand in line. During home workouts, you don’t have to wait to use a piece of equipment or until a spot opens up.
  9. You decide the pace. Agreed, this one can be a disadvantage too but for people who can self-motivate, this is great. You can progress at the rate that is right for you. Group classes are wonderful but it’s impossible to cater to each individual 100%. At home, you decide the intensity.
  10. I guess your home is cleaner, right? Most gyms, despite their best efforts, may have some cleanliness issues. Gyms are the home of many germs, which is less likely to be an issue at your home.

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Written by Trainer Vanacker for FitGuana.com