Why Trainers Should Sell Their Services Online

Offering online programs is crucial for a coach nowadays, whether you are a nutritionist, personal trainer or wellness coach.  You are no longer tied to your immediate surroundings for your business success and your free FitGuana storefront can open up a new marketplace for you. 

Take a look at these 10 reasons why you should sell your training services online:

  1. Online training services are more popular than ever.  Many people are looking to train by themselves, have the flexibility of training wherever they want and work out on their own terms.  Whether it’s long distance coaching or downloadable fitness programs, the time has never been better to offer your training services online.
  2. Sell Fitness Online FitGuanaThe opportunity of a large amount of sales.  By taking your training online, you are expanding your audience dramatically.  Especially being a FitGuana coach, your work is marketed worldwide.  Your downloadable programs can take off like wildfire.  With FitGuana’s platform, you receive a confirmation email every time you have a sale and the funds are deposited into your PayPal account without delay.
  3. Flexibility in your own life.  You can decide when you write the exercise programs, work on your PDF, videos, nutrition plans etcetera.  Do it when if fits your schedule and plan your spare time better as well.
  4. Training and goals dictate the workouts, not vice versa.  Most personal training sessions are 60 minutes.  However, it’s a very unnatural way to train people.  Very few workouts are or should be exactly one hour long.  Some will only take 30 minutes while others should be 100 minutes.  With online training, this is no longer an issue.  No more rushing towards the end of a session or being worried your next client might start later than planned.  Your client will know exactly what’s needed and they carry the responsibility.
  5. There is less of a financial barrier.  We can offer these online services for a lower amount than in person training.  This opens up your services to many more potential clients.  Writing a 2 week workout program does not take as much time as being there with your client.  Therefore, you can become much more efficient.  You charge less, your client spends less but you still get paid well for the time you put in.  If you create downloadable programs, you can simple continue to sell them with regular updates and maintenance.  There is a huge opportunity there.
  6. Work smarter.  Being a trainer can be tough on the body and mind.  It’s exhausting being on your feet all day, joining workouts and managing clients and groups during sessions.  This doesn’t mean we don’t love it but taking part of your work online can relieve you and give your body a break.
  7. It’s easy to get started when you become a coach on FitGuana.  There are no costs involved and hey, we even set up your storefront for you.  You have the benefit of using our existing systems instead of trying to develop your own.
  8. You can continue to combine your gym work with your online work.  You don’t have to pick one, it’s easy to do both.
  9. Having an online presence will help you tremendously with your local training as well.  Search engines, clients and bloggers will pick up your business name and services, which may result in better local search results as well.  More exposure helps.
  10. FitGuana Logo SmallBy joining FitGuana, you are able to enjoy the many benefits it offers you.  We feature your programs on our Global Store so you don’t have to start from scratch.  Building your own website is great but selling your own program can be difficult.  When you use your FitGuana storefront, you already took a huge step forward towards mass exposure of your work.

Now what are you waiting for?  Join us as a FitGuana coach.