How FitGuana Improves your SEO

As a coach on FitGuana, we create a storefront for you to feature your products.  These are automatically included on our Global Store where most of our traffic is directed from people worldwide looking for a fitness or wellness program.

Needless to say, this increases your exposure as a trainer.  FitGuana is on its way to become a worldwide platform for people regardless of age, race, location, gender etcetera who are searching for quality instruction and information.

Now how exactly does this benefit your Search Engine Optimization?  That’s what we’re about to explain:

  1. Another source for your business (or individual) name and bio.  Search engines will pick up this information.  The more mentions you have on quality and well respected websites, the more valuable your name becomes.  Since we encourage a simple storefront layout, there is no clutter.  Just a concise, easy to navigate page with the important information, nothing more.
  2. Links to your social media.  Your storefront features links to your social media, which is picked up by search engines.  Therefore, this affects your ranking.
  3. Page loading speeds.  FitGuana uses an image shrinking and page loading plugin, which increases page speeds.  Search engines like speed!
  4. FitGuana uses relevant keywords.  These are implemented throughout the website and on your storefront as well.  Our platform makes it easy to add more keywords to your images, pages and articles.
  5. Fitness Business Online FitGuanaYour published articles.  At FitGuana, we encourage sharing quality information with the public.  We ask our coaches to let us publish some of their articles.  This solidifies your image of being a professional coach and introduces our audience to your brand.  Since the article has a small bio, linking to your services and storefront, it greatly increases your site traffic.
  6. Option of adding multimedia.  You can add more images, videos and other media to your storefront.  This, of course, adds to your exposure and means there is another platform for people and search engines to find this content.
  7. Contact Us link.  Search engines like when a page offers a way for visitors to contact the owner/ webmaster or business.  Every storefront on FitGuana has a Contact Us button.
  8. Site Navigation.  Search Engines like easy to navigate websites.  FitGuana aims to keep navigation simple and straightforward.  This is why our storefront are one page templates with a top menu.
  9. SSL verified.  FitGuana uses a SSL certificate, which not only increases security but also boosts ranking with Google.  Google includes this in their 200 ranking factors as part of their algorithm.

Interested in joining FitGuana as a trainer?  Sign up here or send us a message to get your storefront set up.  Make sure to include:

– Your storefront page name
– Your bio + picture
– Social media links
– Your online program, price, description and any pictures to go on the product page.
– Your PayPal email address where you want the funds sent to when your programs sell.