Coaches’ Responsibilities

All coaches on FitGuana need to comply with a certain set of responsibilities and ethics. This guarantees our community stays strong, our professional reputation is upheld and our mutual business continues to grow strong.

Our Rule Book:

  1. As a coach, you will create your best programs at the highest professional standards.
  2. You put the wellbeing of the client first.
  3. You are honest and transparent in your programs descriptions.
  4. You as a trainer are responsible for your programs, feedback, customer service and professionalism.
  5. You will maintain your storefront and update it accordingly.
  6. No profanity, unprofessional, obscene or irrelevant content will be posted.
  7. You will have a liability waiver in place to protect all parties, as well as agree to our Terms of Use.
  8. Don’t spam and don’t be a jerk.
  9. Support our platform, as well as your colleagues. As a unit, we are stronger and can make a better change in the industry.
  10. You share FitGuana’s philosophy which believes training should be creative, fun, challenging but built upon physiologically proven methods.
  11. Be yourself. Use your strengths to your advantage as a trainer, there’s no need to copy anyone else.

In Return

FitGuana does all the hard work for you! We market you programs and offer them on our marketplace, available to clients worldwide. Once your storefront is set up, it becomes an automated process. Clients will purchase and download your programs. Funds from the sale will be transferred to your account minus a small commission fee of 8%.