Fitness & Safety

How to Stay Safe During your Workouts

An injured person can’t make any progress so it is crucial that you follow your coaches guidance during your program.  Injuries rarely happen but it is a part of an active lifestyle unfortunately.  When in doubt, contact your coach to ask him/ her some questions.

Always use common sense and know your limits.  Here are some other pointers which may help you stay safe:

  1. Form is key!  Never ever sacrifice form to move more weight, get more reps or push yourself harder.  Without proper technique, you will get hurt and not make progress anyway.
  2. Follow instructions.  Study the exercises before you start your workout.
  3. Work out at your own level.  Take baby steps if needed.  Your goal will be reached, you just need to be disciplined and patient.
  4. Train the way you want to.  Too often, some people start a workout regimen because their friend persuades them to.  That workout might not be right for you and your body.
  5. Flexibility is crucial for injury prevention.  If your muscles are too tight, make sure you prioritize stretching.
  6. Nutrition for recovery.  Proper eating habits will enable you to recover faster, therefore prevent injuries.
  7. Hydrate.  Dehydration is shown to make people lose focus but also make them more prone to injuries.
  8. Spot check.  If possible, work with a friend, spouse or family member and be each other’s critic.  Check each other’s form and adjust when needed.
  9. Rest and recover.  Recovery is key for progress and also for injury prevention.
  10. The right equipment and clothing.  You don’t need anything fancy or trending.  Simply make sure you are wearing and using the correct stuff.

If you can check off these boxes, you’re ready to go workout!