Meet the Fitgineers!

At Infinity Fitness, our highly educated staff are here to help you reach whatever fitness goals you may have. Let us help you determine which Fitgineer will best give you that lifestyle change, desirable physique, enhanced self confidence, or increased athletic ability that you have been looking for!

Fitgineer: noun ˈfit-jə-ˈnir An Einstein in the areas of health, wellness and athleticism. Set apart by offering premium service and custom-design programs that will transform a person’s body, nutrition, and quality of life.
We are the next level of personal trainers. We are FITGINEERS.


Andy Berge

Specialties: Healthy Lifestyle Management, Weight Loss, Pre-natal/Post-pregnancy
Best Body Part: Arms & Abs
Most Gratifying Moment with a Client:Having his client step on the scale and watching their face as they realize their hard work has paid off and they finally have shed 100lbs.
Fitness Mentor: Arnold
Best Pump Up Song: Rocky’s “Eye of the Tiger”
Fitness Secret: Eat Real Food. Be Active.
When not at the GYM: Spending time with the wife, playing with Libby Dog (his boxer), gardening, camping and anything outdoors
Journey to Greatness: Starting the journey as a competitively trained elite gymnast. Graduated from Otterbein College with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. Became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Sharpened his expertise with the Strength and Conditioning Staff at The Ohio State University as well as consulted and managed personal trainers at major commercial gym chains.
What He’s Working on Now: With 12 years’ experience in fitness and nutrition under his belt, he continues to develop new and desired approaches to weight loss and helping people reach their goals to achieve better health.

Mike Mayhew

Specialties: Athlete Training, Elite Fitness, Trimming & Toning
Best Body Part: Abs & Calves
Most Gratifying Moment with a Client:When one of his female clients husband called to yell at him because his wife went down 5 dress sizes and had to buy a new wardrobe.
Fitness Mentor: Mark Walberg
Best Pump Up Song: “Machine Head” by Bush
Fitness Secret: Don’t eat a carb when you drink wine
When not at the GYM: Drawing/Painting, Outdoors (Tennis, Biking, Snowboarding, Hiking, etc.)
Journey to Greatness: As a football player at Miami University, he won the National Nike Fitness & Training National Championship which catapulted his career as Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) becoming part of a number of elite athlete’s careers. He continues to grow his knowledge by learning the most updated techniques by becoming certified in Pilates, Speed & Agility Training and Water Fitness.
What He’s Working on Now: With 15 years’ experience in training and business operations, he is consulting for major gyms and corporations on implementing successful fitness training strategies for improving client interest, retention and customer satisfaction.

Yolanda Rooney

Specialties: Yoga, Barre, Weight Loss, Healthy Lifestyle Management, Pre-natal/Post-pregnancy, Competition Training, Meal & Nutrition Planning
Best Body Part: Shoulders
Most Gratifying Moment with a Client:That ‘breakthrough’ moment when they gain that confidence that weight training gives you.
Fitness Mentor: Kathryn Budig & Erin Stern.
Best Pump Up Song: “Soar” by Christina Aguilera
Fitness Secret: Think about the muscle you are engaging. The mind-body connection makes the workout more effective.
When not at the GYM: If she’s not at the gym, she is making the world her gym! But most of all, she loves spending time with her 2 kids.
Journey to Greatness: Her intense background in dance and choreography has shaped her fitness lifestyle. She’s a certified personal trainer through Hondros College and constantly in pursuit of new techniques and elements of training to enhance the results of her clients. She is also an awarded NPC figure competitor as well as a figure competition coach.
What She’s Working on Now: Launching Swan Barre & Yoga, which implements elements of yoga and barre in a technique that shapes a beautifully proportioned & toned physique.

​Steve Grabor

Specialties: Weight Loss; Agility, Coordination & Speed Training for Athletes
Best Body Part: Teeth ????
Most Gratifying Moment with a Client:Watching a client improve her one rep max on leg press by 100lbs, and increase her flexibility and recovery heart rate in only two months.
Fitness Mentor: Justin Ryan
Best Pump Up Song: “Savior” by Rise Against
Fitness Secret: Consistency above all else
When not at the GYM: Playing guitar, paintballing, hiking, and doing anything outside
Journey to Greatness: Went from being the smallest player on his high school soccer team to adding 20lbs of muscle in one year.
What He’s Working on Now: Adding ACSM-CPT certification and Health Promotion/Fitness Degree from Otterbein University.

Brandon Schlaegel

Specialties: Therapeutic Exercise, Weight Management through Nutrition, Bodybuilding
Best Body Part: Arms
Most Gratifying Moment with a Client: My most gratifying moment with a client is when she was able to drop 48 pounds of body fat and fit into a size 6 after seven months of consistent exercise.
Fitness Mentor: Bradley Martyn
Best Pump Up Song: Anything Loud!
Fitness Secret: Eat Real Food. Be Active.
When not at the GYM: He’s spending time with friends and family, doing outdoor leisure activities(running, biking, fishing, anything to stay active) and researching fitness supplements
Journey to Greatness: His journey began with a natural born passion for health and fitness, 6 years experience in bodybuilding and the successful completion of his Personal Training Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
What He’s Working on Now: He is currently studying in the field of Physical Therapy with the completion of multiple exercise based courses (Anatomy, Kinesiology, and Human Physiology) and conducts a lot of research regarding fad diets, exercise development, nutrition, and key natural herbs and ingredients used for the health and fitness industry.

Kenleigh Immel

Specialties: Corrective Exercise, Athletic Performance Enhancement, Total Body Strengthening, Lifestyle Coaching, and Cardiovascular Endurance
Best Body Part: Legs
Most Gratifying Moment with a Client: “Seeing my clients develop healthy lifestyle goals that turn into healthy lifestyle habits and benefit their overall wellness, long-term.”
Fitness Mentor: My Dad
Best Pump Up Song: “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors
Fitness Secret: “Each day is a new opportunity to improve myself, one step at a time. I focus on something that I want to feel more confident about and do something each day to get me closer to that goal.”
When not at the GYM: Rollerblading, Canoeing, Nature Walks, Reading and Trying new Pinterest Recipes
Journey to Greatness: From Elementary through High School she was involved in a variety of sports including: Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Track and Field, Cross Country, and Swimming. Her love of exercise and athletics continued throughout college, as she double-majored in Athletic Training and Health Promotion and Fitness at Otterbein University. Through several clinical and practical experiences she became more knowledgeable about working with a diverse population of individuals, ranging from adolescents to seniors. Kenleigh is passionate about achieving her health and wellness goals and helping others to achieve theirs too.
What She’s Working on Now: Studying to take a few certification exams to build her professional skill set

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