Our Rules

Programs are created for the client’s benefit

The coaches at FitGuana obviously do this to earn a living (which they should), but the priority in the process of making our programs is the wellbeing of you, as a client.  At the end of the day, we want you to succeed so you come back for more.

Programs must be honest and transparent

Our community relies on trust and communication.  As a client, you deserve to know exactly what a program represents, therefore we do not allow false promises but encourage honest and transparent product descriptions and guarantees.

To read more about the coaches’ responsibilities to guarantee quality products, check out the  Conditions required for coaches to join FitGuana.

What’s Expected From You

As a client, we also have some expectations for you, which are:

  • Follow the guide lines to reach your goals
  • Study your technique / form
  • Use all available tools (such as exercise libraries, blog articles, program content and more)
  • Ask questions when in doubt
  • Complete the program.  If you pause the program or simply not complete it, our coaches cannot be held responsible for obvious reason.
  • If you like your experience and results, spread the word!  If you have some issues, please contact us or your coach so we can help you work it out.
  • Agree with our Terms of Use

We can’t wait to hear about your experience and progress.  Join the community on social media and let us know!