Lie on your back with a flat lower back.  Hip hinge upwards with straight arms and legs and try to fold your body.  The back should not bend, instead stay straight as only your hip is hinging. 

Mountain Climber

Start in a push up position.

Bring your knee up to your chest while keeping your back straight and alternate sides.  Do not push your hip up or let your hip sag toward the floor. 

Full Body Sit Up

Raise your feet off the ground.  Hip hinge and bring your torso backwards while you extend your legs.  Feet do not touch the ground.


Return to the starting position by hinging in the hip, not jerking the motion or rounding the back. 

Kettle Bell Raises

Grab a secure grip on a kettle bell and lie down with your legs extended upwards.


Raise the torso and kettle bell towards the feet while hip hinging.  The back should not be rounded. 

Plank Jacks

Go in a push up position.


Jump to spread the legs, land the feet and return.


Keep the back straight and brace the core.

Russian Twists

Sit and raise the feet off the floor.

Gently twist and bring a bell or kettle bell to the floor on your side, raise it back and lower it to the other side.  Repeat as you keep your back straight.

Windshield Wipers

Hold a med ball or kettle bell above you with straight arms and raise the legs straight to the ceiling.

Gently lower your straight legs towards the floor to your side and return.  Brace the core and rotate the hip as you do the movement.  Try to keep the weight in place and do not counterbalance it.  Instead, let your core do the work.

Hip Drops

Go in a plank position.  Gently drop the hip from side to side while keeping the body straight.  


Do not sag your hip or lower back.

Side Plank Variations

Go in a side plank position and adjust as needed.

Always keep the body straight and do not sag the hip.

Kettle Bell Crunch Press

Grab a kettle bell and hold it on your chest with both hands.

As you hip hinge upwards, you do not bend your back or neck.  

Extend your arms forward towards your knees and use the kettle bell as a counterweight.  Once you raise the upper back off the ground, start raising the weight towards the ceiling.

Remember, do not bend the back or neck.

TRX Plank

TRX Mid Calf Length

Raise yourself to a plank position.  

Never drop the hip and keep the body straight.  Drop to the knees if needed but keep the back and hip in a straight line.

TRX Crunch

TRX Mid Calf Length

Place your hands in the bottom loops of the TRX trainer and lie down with your knees bent.

Keep the arms straight and press the hands down as you hip hinge upwards.  Do not round the back or bend the neck.  Instead keep the back straight and hip hinge upwards.  

TRX Oblique Twist

TRX Mid Calf Length

Place your feet in the bottom loops of the straps and go to a side plank position.  Rest on your bottom arm and keep the body straight while bracing the core.

Bring your knees upwards as you rotate the torso and hip towards the floor.  Return gradually.

TRX Body Saw

TRX Mid Calf Length

Place your feet in the bottom loops of the straps and go to a plank position with your elbows in a 90 degree angle.

Gradually move your body back and forward to increase tension on the core.  While you do so, keep the body straight and brace the core to protect the lower back.

TRX Ab Rollout

TRX Mid Calf Length

Grab both handles and sit behind the anchor point.

Lean forward into the straps as you press your hip forward until your hip and back are straight.  


Continue to travel forward as far as you can without bending the hip.  Return by pressing into the handles and contracting the abs.

Adjust knee position as needed.

TRX Pike

TRX Mid Calf Length

Place both feet in the bottom loops of the TRX trainer.

Go into a push up position and raise the hip towards the ceiling while keeping the legs straight.

TRX Side Plank

TRX Mid Calf Length

Place both feet in the bottom loops of the TRX trainer.  Place the top leg in front of the bottom leg.

Raise your hip off the ground and keep the spine straight at all times.  Assist with the free arm if needed.

TRX Hip Drop

TRX Mid Calf Length

Make a single loop and grab it with the hand closest to the anchor point.  Place it on top of your head and add the other hand on top.  Firmly press the hands on to the head and drop the hip as you stand sideways.  Press the hip back by using your obliques and do not rotate the back or hip at any time.

Adjust the feet as needed.



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