TRX Bicep Curl

TRX Halfway Length


Grab the handles, face the anchor point and place your feet a a suitable level (adjust as needed).


Lower yourself while facing the hand palms upwards until your arms are extended.


Curl your arms upwards without dropping the elbows and raise yourself with your biceps.  Do not let the elbows drop down and keep the body straight the entire time. 

Kettle Bell Isolation Bicep Curl

Isolate the bicep curl by leaning forward and resting on the knee.


The upper arm should be vertical and does not move (no shoulder movement or rotation).  Only the forearm should be moving upwards, hence isolating the bicep. 

Kettle Bell Double Gunslinger

Grab two kettle bells and swing them gently to the rear to get the movement started.


As the bells start swinging forward, take a step back and curl them upwards.


Never curve the back or lean backwards or jerk the weight.  The pendulum motion should be smooth and steady. 

Kettle Bell Hammer Curl

Grab the sides of the kettle bell handle and extend your arms.  


Gradually and steady curl upwards until you reach a full bend in the elbows.


Extend slowly again until you reach a full arm extension.  Keep the back straight and do not lean either way. 

TRX Biceps Clutch

TRX Halfway Length


Grab the handles and point the knuckles outwards.


Start by bending the elbow and curling, by using your biceps, your hands towards each other on top of the sternum until the knuckles touch each other.  


The elbows should be facing outwards and upwards.  Do not revert to a row, instead focus solely on the biceps.

TRX Reverse Rows

TRX Halfway Length


Grab the handles and point the hand palms upwards.

Pull your hands towards your lower ribs as you hand palms continue to face upwards.

Keep the elbows close to the body and adjust the feet as needed.

TRX Single Arm Bicep Curl

TRX Halfway Length


Make a single loop and grab with one hand.  Stand sideways and lean back.  Keep the elbow at shoulder height and do not drop the elbow level!

Curl your hand upwards while keeping the elbow high and pull yourself upwards.  Return slowly and repeat.

Adjust feet position as needed.

Kettle Bell Squat Gunslinger

Grab the kettle bell with one hand between the legs in a slight squat position.

As you move upwards, you curl the weight towards the opposite side where it greets your other hand.  You may push the kettle bell downwards with the other hand to make it more difficult.



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