Kick Through

Rest on your hands and feet with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle.  Bring one leg across your body and push it outward, parallel to the floor while you raise the hand off the ground on the targeted side.  Alternate. 

Heel Taps

Rest your hand on the ground facing down.  Launch one foot next to your shoulder and tap the floor with the heel while you bring the other leg across enough to accomodate the range of motion.

Alternate sides in a dynamic way. 

Single Arm Half Burpee

Keep one arm behind your back.  Hip hinge towards the floor and place the other hand down.  Kick your legs back until your body is straight.  Jump back and come upright without bending the back excessively.
Don't raise or sag the hip.

Crossover Jump Squat

Cross your feet, return and and in a wide squat position. Squat with a jump and return to crossing your feet the opposite way. 


Jump up with your hands to the ceiling.  Land and bend the knees while you hip hinge and place the hands on the ground.  Do not bend the back, instead bend the knees and hip.

Kick your legs back and bring your body to the ground.  Return by pushing upwards, kicking the legs back and jump up.

Knee and Shin Taps

Jump and raise the knees until they touch your hands while your arms are in a 90 degree angle on the side of your body.

Alternate sides as well followed by tapping the shins instead of knees which requires you to raise the knees higher and rotate outwards.  Alternate sides again.

Toe Touches

Touch the top of a chair, box or bench with your raised foot.  


Alternate sides with a jump.


Do a half burpee and while you jump back up, land in a deep squat position with your hands up.   

Body Blasts

Hip hinge and bend through the knees as you place your hands on the ground.  


Kick your legs back, open and close them before you kick them forward and jump upwards.

Opposite Push Up

Place one hand facing back and one forward.  Place your torso in between and do push ups.

The arm facing the rear will bend the elbow close to the body.  The arm of which the hand faces forward, will bend its elbow to the side.

Go from the knees if needed.

Plank Push Up

Start in a push up position.  Place one elbow on the ground, then the other.  


Then place one hand on the ground, press into it until you can extend it enough to place the other hand on the ground as well and return to starting position.

Tap Jacks

Start in a push up position.  

As you open up the legs, reach for the floor or an object in front of you.  Return your hand as you jump and bring the legs together again.  


Continuously switch sides.

Hindu Push Ups

Start in a push up position but bring your hands closer to your legs than usual.

Bring your tailbone up and then perform a downwards push up and keep moving forward as your hip follow the same trajectory.

Return in opposite steps.

Table Top Push Ups

Start in a push up position but place your knees closer to you but keep them suspended a few inches above the floor.

As you push up, also slightly bend and extend your legs so your legs, core, chest and arms are working simultaneously.

No Arm Knee Hops

Start in a seated knee position.  


Swing your arms to your side and use momentum to hop up the the feet.  

Stand up and lower yourself by placing one knee at a time on the ground.

Push Up + Knee Tap

Start in a push up position.

Do a push up (from the knees if needed), go back to a plank position and touch your knee with the opposite side hand.  Do both sides.

Inchworm Burpee

Perform a burpee with an inchworm in between.  


Walk your hands out, jump up and back down.  Then jump your legs back and walk your hands back.

No Arm Roll + Stand

Roll backwards while tucking your chin.  As you move forward again, use momentum to place your feet and stand up without using your hands.



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