Med Ball Alternating Push Ups

Place one hand on the ball, the other on the floor.


Perform a push up and switch sides.  You can either switch sides by slowly moving your hand off the ball and placing the other on the ball or by jumping from side to side. 

Med Ball Push Up

Place your hands on the med ball, preferably on the outside.


Perform push ups (on the knees if needed) while pointing the elbows outwards as you lower yourself.  Bring the sternum to the ball as you lower yourself all the way. 

Kettle Bell Single Raised Push Up

Place one hand inside the kettle bell (never on top).  


Perform push ups (on the knees if necessary) and lower yourself all the way to get an extra stretch in the muscle. 

TRX Chest Press

TRX Midway Length

Grab both handles and step back.  Lean into the straps while bending your elbows and stretching the pectoral muscles until your elbows reach a 90 degree angle.


Press back until your hands touch each other in front of your sternum.

Adjust feet position as needed.


TRX Push Up

TRX Mid Calf Length

Place feet in bottom of straps.  


Go to a push up position or drop to the knees if needed.  


Keep the body straight during the push up.


TRX Chest Fly

TRX Midway Length

Grab both handles and lean forward as you open up the chest while keeping a small bend in the elbow to protect against overextension.

Keep the angle the same throughout the movement.  


Brace the core and keep the body straight as you press back into the handles and bring the hands together in front of your chest.

Adjust feet position as needed.


TRX Chest Hug

TRX Midway Length

Grab both handles and lean backwards and extend the arms.  

Raise yourself by bringing the arms together while keeping them straight.  Once you cross the arms (and not before), start bending the arms and give yourself a big hug.

Return by taking reverse steps in a slow manner and stay in control.

Adjust feet position as needed.


TRX Incline Chest Press

TRX Mid Calf Length

Place one foot in both bottom loops.  Bring the hands back and raise the hip and leg upwards.  


Suspend the free leg and perform an incline push up.  If assistance is needed, bring the free leg towards the hands, as close as possible, and press the foot into the floor to assist with the push up.


TRX Elevated Hand Push Up

TRX Mid Calf Length

Place one hand in both bottom loops of the TRX trainer, right below the anchor point.

Go into a push up position (knees if needed) and perform a push up with one hand raised higher than the other.  Keep the body straight throughout.


Incline Push Up

Place your hand on the edge of the box to prevent slipping.  Perform the push up and lead the sternum towards the box (not your face).

Adjust the height of the box to make it easier or harder.


Decline Push Up

Place your feet on a box and do push ups facing away.

Adjust the height of the box to make it easier or harder.




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