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Eat clean
Get your heart rate up
Take zero shortcuts
Fuel your body
Drink water
Love what you do


FitGuana is a High Performance Hybrid Athletic Club.  We do things very differently than the average gym as we fill the void between the minimalistic warehouse gyms and the upscale machine rich fitness centers.  We are focussed on high performance, health and optimizing your body by using a holistic approach to fitness, nutrition, recovery, supplementation and much more.

Our 6,000 square feet high end facility has everything you need to push your limits yet work within your own abilities.

The goal at FitGuana is to create an environment which motivates you to improve your lifestyle and fitness choices.  Therefore, we have established a facility which enables all levels to challenge themselves.  Novices as well as established athletes are able to join a class and work at both their strengths and weaknesses.

A wide variety of equipment and training methods are available and used to provide you with innovative, highly efficient and most importantly FUN sessions.  Focus and passion are at the core of every session so you can make continuous progress.  Fitness is not a destination, it is a journey and we never want you to stop improving.

As you will see, our facility was designed with detail in mind.  Equipment was carefully chosen and cleanliness is our priority.  Towels, filtered water and even extra pony tail bands are available to offer you the best experience.  Two new spacious ADA bathrooms and shower are available for your use.  

To offer you the best training experience, FitGuana is a MyZone facility.  This enables you to track your progress, fitness as well as join challenges and earn rewards.



Bachelor's Degree Sports Management & Phys Ed

Former Phys Ed Teacher

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

TRX Certified

USA Kettlebell Level 1


Olympic Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach Level 1 


USA Cycling Coach 2015

Competitive Road Cyclist Daikin Cycling Team & Josan Pro Continental Cycling Team Belgium


Black Belt Karate Jitsu

Since 1993

Purple Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Self Defense Instructor


TRX for Yoga Course Completion 2019

Olympic Tri 2h27min


Marathon 3h52min

Lake Placid Ironman 70.3 5h48min 32 sec

CPR / AED Certified


Owner / Head Coach

I founded FitGuana because I believe the best fitness practice teaches you many things and continuously should improve your mind and body. 

The fitness industry can be confusing yet much comes down to motivation and enjoying what you do in a safe environment.  I don't believe in shortcuts and my always progressing goal is to become and train well rounded athletes of all levels.


Throughout my athletic career:

  • Competitive road cycling taught me how to pace myself and balance my energy reserves for long physical challenges.

  • Lifting weights has taught me to identify strengths and weaknesses as well as learning what my body is telling me.

  • Yoga has taught me to relax and channel energy.

  • HIIT training has taught me to push my boundaries.

  • Martial arts has taught me to keep pushing and not give in after a setback.

  • Grappling has taught me to control my breathing and body, even in times of despair.

  • Curiosity has led me to a never ending path of learning what I can about nutrition, supplements, recovery and so much more.


The key is to learn from everything you do.  Keep your eyes and ears open and learn whenever and from whoever you can. 


That is what FitGuana does.  Innovative, creative and efficient sessions which expose your mind and body to many different facets of fitness and wellness to become a healthy and well rounded athlete.  


ACE Group Fitness Instructor

CRP / AED Certified

Kim H.

Group Fitness Instructor / Personal Trainer

Kim is an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor and has proven to be extremely well versed in creative yet challenging fitness classes as well as class management.

Kim is also CPR / AED certified.

More about coach Kim:

- Favorite workout song: Anything upbeat that I can sing along to. Or dance to. I'm thinking Rihanna, Janet, Pink....

- Favorite exercise: Anything that involves squats. I don't know why, but I can squat for days.

- The exercise that makes me least excited: The pull up. Meh.

- If I could, I would spend all day working this muscle group: I can't pick...I love a total body workout!

- Best dance move: No comment

- Fitness related memory I’m most fond of: Working out during most of my pregnancy with the my second daughter. I wish I had video of me doing kettlebell swings 8 months pregnant! 

- Biggest fitness goals: While running a (much) faster 5K would be an ideal tangible goal, I really just want to be the healthiest, fittest, best me I can be. 

Deanna bio.jpeg

Bachelor's Degree Health Science

ACE Certified Health Coach

CRP / AED Certified

Deanna V.

Group Fitness Instructor / Personal Trainer / ACE Health Coach

Deanna brings a creative and passionate approach to health and fitness. She has her bachelor's degree in Health Science and is a Certified Health Coach through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Her true love of a healthy lifestyle stems from over 20 years as a competitive dancer, and several years as a dance teacher.

Deanna is also CPR / AED certified.


Favorite workout song: Anything I can sing and dance to!


Favorite exercise: I love most core exercises but I have to say my favorites are squats and plate pushing (feel those legs burn).


Exercise that makes me least excited: Any overhead press (Definitely my most challenging).


If I could, I would spend all day working this muscle group: CORE CORE CORE! 


Best dance move: Ask me to pirouette or tap dance for you any time!


Fitness related memory I’m most fond of: Conquering my first chin-up


Biggest fitness goals: Strive towards always improving my fitness level by constantly challenging myself with new exercises and workouts.

Jasmine Bio.png

More Coming!

Jasmine McComas

Yoga Teacher

Jasmine's background in biology and five years of working in a sports rehabilitation facility has laid the foundation to her detailed understanding of physiology and alignment.


Her beginnings in yoga stemmed from seeking a calm and centered counterbalance to her thrill-seeking sports and adventures.

Through deepening her practice, she has learned that yoga can provide both the thrill and tranquility she sought, and that the lessons and skills cultivated in yoga permeate into everyday life. 


With her passion for movement, alignment, and breath, she strives to provide a well-rounded and upbeat experience in her classes.

Jasmine completed her RYT 200-hour certification and Prenatal Yoga certification with Gina Norman at Kaia Yoga in Westport in March 2017.


More Coming!

Julie Vanacker

Lounge Operations Manager

Coming Soon!


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