TRX Hamstring Curls

Place your heels in the bottom straps.  Extend your legs and place your hands on the floor next to your body.


Raise the hip of the ground and curl your heels towards your glutes.  Extend while keeping the hip off the ground. 

Single Leg Kettle Bell Deadlift

Grab the kettle bell in front of you.  As you lower the kettle bell, raise the same side leg to the rear.  


Make sure your hips stay square and move you leg up / torso down together.  Keep the back straight and hip hinge during the motion. 

Kettle Bell Deadlift

Hold the kettle bell with both hands and stand upright.  Lead by moving the tailbone to your rear and hip hinge forward.  Keep the arms straight.  


As you lower yourself and the hamstrings activate and stretch out, start bending the knees and lower the weight more.  Make sure there is a significant different with your squat position. 

TRX Hamstring Runners

TRX Mid Calf Length


Lie down and place the heels in the bottom straps.

Raise the hip off the ground and curl one leg at a time.  Keep the hip raised and do not let the straps rub in the equalizer loop (stabilize with the core).


Kettle Bell Goodmorning

Grab a kettle bell and hold it in front of your sternum.

Hip hinge and push the tailbone to your rear.  Create a slight bend in your knees and hip hinge forward without rounding your back.

Once you feel the pull in your hamstrings, activate them to pull you back to your starting position.




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