10 Benefits of the TRX® Suspension Trainer

We are pretty big fans of the TRX® suspension trainer and here are ten reasons why:

1. The ability to bring it anywhere

Anywhere? Yes anywhere. Or maybe that’s an exaggeration. You do need a tree, pole, door or other anchoring point. Oh wait, so that’s like 99% of the places you visit. If you go to the North Pole with a dog sled, maybe leave the suspension trainer home...

2. Injury Prevention

Training with the TRX® Suspension Trainer is overall a lot safer than using most other pieces of equipment. Since you use bodyweight and you don’t have heavy weights hanging above you, it makes it a lot safer. However, if you do plyometrics or more advanced movements, you still need to use common sense, work at your own level and take baby steps.

3. Bomb Proofing your Body

Not only is using the TRX® safe, it also safeguards your body for daily life and events that may occur which may get you hurt. Many injuries are caused by silly movements, such as picking up a grocery bag (back pains), turning around, coming down the stairs, slipping on a wet floor etc. The TRX® focusses so much on stabilizing muscles, which prevents you from getting hurt in ordinary situations like that.

4. Building a Rock Solid Core

As mentioned above, almost everything you do with the TRX® involves using your core. Without knowing it, you are working your core muscles. When you first start using the trainer, you will be sore in places you never knew you would.

5. The Vast Choice of Modifications

Regardless you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, you can use the TRX®. It’s biggest strength is the range of modifications you can make. All you need is to learn the movements, safety aspects and/or creativity.

6. Outside Workouts

How many pieces of equipment can you take outside and still get such a range of options with? Not too many... Yes you can take anything outside but you’ll soon run out of exercises. The TRX® trainer is easy to take out with you into nature while still offering you countless training options.

7. The Amount of Exercises

There are hundreds of exercises and more are made up regularly. As mentioned, with creativity and imagination, you can continue making up new movements.

8. Strength Training, Muscle Endurance, Stretching or Cardio?Why not all of the above? You can use it for either or all of these activities.

9. Add to your coolness factor

Being able to switch from exercise to exercise, perform advanced and fun movements on the TRX® trainer is very simply cool! Show your friends how it’s done and learn all the little tricks.

10. The Best Tool for any Athlete

The TRX® is the most versatile piece of equipment out there. If you truly want to get a better physique, get better at your discipline or become a multi sport athlete, start using the TRX® suspension trainer. It will improve your performance, make you look better and challenge you in the way you want to be challenged (and probably more).

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