A Little More Info about our Open Access Floor, coming 1/1/2020

Updated: Jan 13

On January 1st, we are opening our added Independent Training Floor and you will have 6,000 square feet to enjoy and there are no more excuses!

Here is some more info:

Our downstairs open facility will feature:

- SkiErgs

- Rowers

- Power rack

- Smith machine

- Hack squat machine

- Glute drive

- Free weights

- 5-100lbs dumbbells

- A full kettle bell set

- TRX trainers

- Medicine balls

- Treadmills

- Ellipticals

- Spinning bikes

- Functional trainer cable cross

- Deadlift platform

- Vintage Boxing bags

- And more!!

This is all in addition to our existing state of the art, high end 3,800 square feet facility upstairs. However this enables you to work out on your own (or using one of our training programs), or when there are no classes.

FitGuana staff will always be present and available to help.

Open access memberships feature Technique 101 classes as well as templated training programs to optimize your strength and conditioning and reach your individual goals.

Our no contract pricing will be:

- $95/month for 3 months (prepaid)

- $85/month for 6 months (prepaid)

- $75/month for 12 months (prepaid)

This makes FitGuana a full service, all inclusive facility right here in the center of town. All without contracts and the best instruction in the area.

We’re experienced and certified athletes / coaches who are passionate about giving you the best experience possible.

Full service clients also enjoy our popular and proven high intensity interval & resistance training classes in our 3,800 sq ft facility upstairs.

We highly recommend joining our classes and taking advantage of everything FitGuana has to offer. It's been our goal from day 1 to provide you with everything you need to get results, without false promises or hidden add ons.

Stop working out, start training.


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