Preventative Facility Closing Due to COVID-19

FitGuana Family, With pain in my heart, I have come to the conclusion that it’s for the common good and safety of our clients, team and community to close the facility for the time being after today, March 16th to keep your as well as our families safe.  Classes today will be finished as usual. Despite our best efforts and extreme cleaning regimen, this virus spreads among asymptomatic people which is beyond our control. Due to the lack of testing available to date and incorrect data coming from leadership, it is up to us to do the right thing and we hope industry colleagues act as well to keep this at bay.  

We have passed a crucial point where simply washing your hands in unsufficient.  Therefore we are big supporters of social distancing to assist in the common goal of flattening the curve.

As a small business, this is a difficult step to take and as always, we aim to care for both our clients and our team which is why we will continue to pay our staff as well as we can during this temporary closure. Therefore we ask for your support. Please stick with us through this time and stay active for your own well being (and sanity).

If you keep your membership active to continue to support us, you will receive a custom remote training program, written by your coaches, as well as weekly check ins to make sure you are staying on track the best you can with your training and eating habits.   You will also continue to have access to our weekly (and constantly updated) online training program. We will also offer Facebook Live training sessions with one of our coaches during this time if you need an extra push! The custom written training program has a higher value than our regular memberships so we hope you are pleased with the alternative option.   The program will focus on your individual goals and keep in mind any equipment you may or may not have.  This program will be used in conjunction with our very own exercise library.  If you want us to write you a custom program, please send us a message at with the answers to the bottom questions which request more info on your goals, availability, equipment etcetera. 1. What is your goal? 2. How many workouts weekly? 3. What equipment do you have available? 4. What limitations / injuries do you have? Don't forget to like our private group as well to stay up to date. If you do choose to suspend your membership instead, please let us know now.  We will not be able to suspend or extend memberships after the fact (since you are granted access to our online program as members). Thank you to all our loyal clients, medical and emergency professionals everywhere. If you have any questions or concerns, please message us at Stay safe and stay #FitGuanaStrong We got this. Sander Vanacker Owner and Head Coach P.S. If you have any symptoms, please contact your health care provider.



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