Find More Energy By Working Out

Sometimes you just don’t feel like going to the gym. You’ve had a long day and just want to crash in the couch. I get it, it happens. However, have you ever realized that it becomes a habit? The more you give in to this feeling, the harder it becomes to go to the gym because all of a sudden, you have an alternative. An alternative that’s easier, more relaxing in the moment but also something that makes you feel worse. You feel more miserable, unhappier and unhealthy.

Routine and habits work both ways. A bad one can make you feel worse and a good one can improve your mood, happiness, ability to think positively and much more. Why is it that a habit of working out regularly makes you happier? Here are some proven reasons why:

- Chemicals make you happy, happy, happy. We’re talking about the natural ones your body releases into your brain. Exercising releases endorphins, which are responsible for feelings of pleasure and happiness. As we grow older, we need to replenish this chemical more. Therefore, work out!

- You’ll find more energy. We’ve all felt this way. Starting a workout was tough but afterwards, you feel incredibly energized. It acted as a wake up call for your body. Think about what would’ve happened if you just sat in the couch, the exact opposite would’ve happened.

- Bye bye stress. Training can decrease stress levels. It can take your mind off the problems you had that day but studies also indicate it decreased your stress levels long term. Seems like a whole lot cheaper than seeking out therapy.

- You’ll become a less anxious person. Research has shown that anxious people can greatly benefit from exercising. Meditation and other restorative activities such as yoga are also wonderful for this purpose. Some studies even indicates exercise is a widely underused treatment for clinical depression.

- It improves your self esteem. Working on your body and health makes you feel more confident about yourself. You’re making an effort on improving yourself, which is a boost for your confidence.

- It makes you sleep better. Sleep is crucial for overall well being and recovery, both physical and mental. By sleeping better, you’ll feel better and happier. Your body will be more rested and therefore also be able to cope with external stress factors.

- Social stimulation. Not all exercise is done in groups or with others but the ones that do may help your happiness by exercising among other people. They may help with your social life but also by simply motivating you or feel good about yourself (this may not happen the first few classes as the newbie but over time, you’ll become one of the regulars).

- It helps with aging well. Exercising can be a preventative treatment to many illnesses but also strengthens your body. As you get older, you’ll be able to stay more active and prevent injuries along the way.

There are countless more benefits of working out but it’s important to realize that there’s much more in a healthy and active lifestyle than just your body fat percentage and which muscles are toned. Health, happiness and longevity are incredibly important reasons to make training and eating well a habit. FitGuana’s approach to fitness does just that. We train to become well rounded, conditioned athletes for the long run, no matter what level.

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