FitGuana XXL? Surprise!

Updated: Jan 13

Since our opening day on 11/11/2018 it has been our focus to help people get stronger, more conditioned, healthier and reach any other goals (yes looking good and feeling attractive are valid reasons too).

We've built an amazing team of very experienced and certified coaches (did you know our team is working on SEVEN more certifications as we speak?)

Our expansion happened about one month ago, which almost doubled our facility space and enables us to take more clients, both in our group High Intensity training sessions as well as individual personal training.

However we did get a few requests several times. Sunday training opportunities, earlier morning (5am) and later evening slots and then there are the people who don't feel ready to jump in quite yet.

It has always been our belief that your best chance of reaching your fitness and health goals is by working with us in group or individually with a trainer. We are athletes training athletes and our team will make sure you train at your individual level, are challenged and work safely. We do understand however that some may not feel ready or simply like to get some "me time" by themselves while working out or have very specific goals. As a business, we're also not able to accommodate everyone's schedules.

That is why FitGuana is taking our downstairs space back (in addition to our 2nd floor facility of course) to offer clients an Independent Training Floor starting January 1st, 2020.

This additional facility space will give you unlimited access from 5.15am to 8pm during the week and other access times during the weekend.

FitGuana staff will be monitoring the facility and be available to answer questions if needed. Our lounge will also be open from 6am - 1pm every week day so you can purchase a recovery drink, smoothie or coffee before or after your training session.

This addition makes FitGuana a 6,000 square feet Hybrid Athletic Club with countless features, cutting edge facility, high quality training, the best certified coaches in the area, member smoothie bar, an online program and so much more.

Plus we are locally owned and operated!

We're glad to announce this will be complimentary to our clients as part of their non contract, all inclusive memberships. We will also offer a separate membership for Independent Training Floor access only.

Finally, it's not in our DNA to follow the herd. Instead we think how to make things even better every day. Therefore, the Independent Training Floor access will come with "Technique 101" sessions, which will be added to the schedule. This will demonstrate people how to program their workouts, use the equipment in correct ways and answer any other questions.

Also, our experienced coaches are designing templated workout programs (based on different goals) which you can individualize based on your abilities and limitations. The programming will be done for you but options are provided based on your capabilities and goals. This makes sure you're not on your own and have guidance as you train by yourself.

Now you can workout when you want, join the best group training sessions, set objective goals and crush them and pretty much enjoy the ultimate fitness playground... All at FitGuana. Independent Training Floor opening 1/1/2020 but business as usual in our new facility on the 2nd floor.

If you would like more information regarding the Independent Training Floor, would like a Free Week Trial to our facility or have any other questions, contact us!


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