Gobble till You Wobble?

2020 has been one for the record books, and whether your holiday season is following suit or not, I have some quick Thanksgiving tips to help you not tip the scale.

This Thanksgiving may look different in many households around the country, but it doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of it (as we have with all things 2020) and enjoy ourselves.

The truth is, I support letting go and enjoying yourself on Thanksgiving without counting calories or considering whether that slice of cheesecake was a little too big to go along with your giant glass of wine. Why do I encourage you to do this? Well one, because this year has been one big (butter)ball of stress and you deserve a release. Second, because it is ONE DAY. So here are my tips to not tip the scale while indulging this holiday.

  1. SKIP THE LEFTOVERS: Thanksgiving often comes with LOTS of leftovers which can often lead to eating more than we should for the days following. Try to avoid making the mistake of eating calorie dense meals for days on end. Instead, savour your Thanksgiving by tasting everything and then skip the calorie dense leftovers. Instead, load up on the turkey and veggie sides in the days following but skip the gravy and canned cranberry sauce which add unnecessary calories to an otherwise healthy meal.

  2. GET BACK TO IT, BUT DON’T OVER DO IT: In this case, by overdoing it, I am referring to your training after your large Thanksgiving meal. Don’t wake up the next morning, and try to run off every single calorie you consumed. It is okay to overeat, and still get back into your normal training routine. Even though you may feel bloated and stuffed the following day or two, jumping back into a normal routine will make that feeling pass. Focus on getting back to what you’ve been doing without punishing yourself for eating a piece of pie.

  3. KEEP MOVING: If you are someone who typically spends their Thanksgiving binge watching football on the couch while others are cooking, do yourself a favor this holiday and move around a bit. No, I don’t mean move from the couch to the dining room table. Bundle up and go for an after dinner walk or play football outside before the meal. Just keep moving to avoid adding many empty calories to your body that isn’t burning any calories.

  4. STAY HYDRATED: Be sure you are drinking water throughout the day, as many of the traditional Thanksgiving foods are loaded with salt. Plus, drinking water while drinking alcohol is essential; I’m sure we all know why (*wink, wink*).

There are so many people who will tell you how to save calories for Thanksgiving, like swapping for healthier options or portion control. But truthfully, I do that almost every day of the year. Why not allow yourself to actually enjoy anything and everything you want for one day? If you are someone who likes to make swaps or limit your calorie intake on this day, I am not here to discourage you. Please, by all means, do what works for you. But if you are looking for permission to indulge, here is your permission- GO FOR IT!

2020 has taught us so many things; so this year lets all remember the things we have to be thankful for. Our health, and our family and friends, because no matter how crazy the world gets, we always have our loved ones to help us through it.

So CHEERS to making the most of Thanksgiving 2020!

Deanna Virtue

ACE Certified Health Coach


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