How The Health Will We Stay Sane?

Like many of you reading this, I am currently sitting on my couch, quarantined, and waiting to wake up from this nightmare. The truth is, I have watched daily press conferences, read scientific articles, and scrolled through social media at least a dozen times an hour; and yet it is still surreal.

I am not writing this blog article to fill it with more facts which will only lead you to more confusion. I think I will leave that to the professionals. Instead, I’d like to talk more about how we can adapt to our new (temporary) lives. Most importantly, how we can stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

Let’s start by talking about our physical health. This is obviously something we pride ourselves on at FitGuana, but with FitGuana and other gyms closed- you may be feeling like your body is on vacation. I mean- do people really go to the gym on vacation? Not when the mimosas are endless and room service has chocolate croissants.

The fact is, we are not on vacation. And as much as laying around at home may feel comforting especially during this stressful time, it is essential that we make our health a priority.

Luckily, FitGuana has great options for home training sessions. So be sure to check out our online training program with a huge exercise library, and our eight and twelve training programs which are available for purchase (thank you in advance for helping out our small business).

Being physically active is so incredibly important during this time. I cannot stress this enough. GET UP AND MOVE. It is so easy to spend your days in front of your computer, phone, or television. It is even easier to make excuses for not being physically active during this time.

Please do not create excuses, because your body and mind need this movement right now more than ever. Move that coffee table over, and get your workout done. Don’t have equipment? No problem, we now have strictly bodyweight workouts for those of you that do not have equipment at home (You can find these workouts in our online training programs section of our website).

FitGuana is also offering Facebook Live workouts twice a week. Check our facebook for the dates and times each week. Another suggestion, that I believe is extremely important for our health, is GO OUTSIDE at least once a day.

Quarantine does not have to mean sheltering in your homes for weeks. Go outside, get some fresh air, take a walk, do some landscaping, go for a run, play with the kids in the backyard. It doesn’t matter what it is, just schedule the time to do it every day.

One of the biggest concerns during this time has been food (I won’t even comment on the toilet paper). If you are one of the lucky ones, like myself, that has entered into the war zone known as the grocery store; you’ve probably noticed the emptied shelves. Has this led you and your family to eat whatever you could get your hands on? Maybe picked up extra snacks because after all, you’ll be stuck at home with nothing to do- why not have options?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but these choices will still affect your health. Maybe even more so now that we have slowed down our lives to a pause. Sitting on the couch, watching tv, playing on your phone is something we will all be doing during this time, myself included.

My question to you is, will you be snacking while sitting around? I’ll be the first one to admit, I LOVE snacks. A good movie with some popcorn: I am there. But consider this, snacking this way, every day, for weeks, only increases your caloric intake. As stated above, most of us are working from home or sitting around all day at home driving our calorie burn waaaaaay down. Hello weight gain!

For the sake of your health, don’t go into vacation mode. Don’t eat the way you would on a snow day (that’s one day vs. weeks). We are all adapting to this new lifestyle, but it does not mean we throw our healthy lifestyle out of the window.

Sorry to tell you, life may be on pause but the weight gain is full speed ahead if you are not conscious of your food choices and consistent with your exercise. Consider the meals you are eating. We now have the time we never had before to cook our family healthy meals each day.

I understand the availability will come into play here, and you may not have all the options you typically would but it does not have to mean boxed mac and cheese every day.

FitGuana members will soon have access to tons of recipes that we, as trainers, eat. They are packed with nutrients and super delicious so be on the look out for this new addition to our website.

Feeling stressed and anxious during this time? You are not alone. Almost all of us have had our lives completely changed in just a week's time.

Things we can do to keep our mental health in check:

  • Stay in touch with friends and family. Facetime, text, call: we are all going through this together, so don’t feel alone. Vent, laugh, cry- just be there for each other.

  • Keep yourself on a schedule. Schedule times to eat, time to go outside, time to unwind.

  • Eat nutritious meals. The foods you eat will affect you both physically and mentally. When life goes back to normal, will you have your beach body ready?

  • Stay active. Workout at home, run outside, play games with the kids in the backyard. Just get up and move.

Tip: If you typically have a workout partner, someone who you enjoy going to the gym with- schedule a time each day with that person to facetime and workout together.

It will hold you both accountable for staying active plus you can keep each motivated on the more difficult days.

The FitGuana team is here for you. Please feel free to contact us at

Take care of yourself, eat clean, be active, get rest, stay #FitGuanaStrong.

By Deanna Virtue, FitGuana Trainer

and ACE certified Health Coach


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