InBody Composition and Check Ins: Why do I need it?

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

As you may know, FitGuana offers Professional Grade InBody Body Composition Analysis right here at our downtown Ridgefield facility. An InBody Test provides a non invasive, highly accurate method to track our body composition. Unlike the scale you may have at home which determines only your body weight, the InBody Analysis measures and assess the status of your entire body.

This test will show your water ratio, body fat, and lean mass; which we can then use to determine the status of your health. At FitGuana, this is the ideal way to set a baseline to then create and set objective goals. Studies show the general population (2/3 of Americans) have a body fat percentage that is far too high, and a lean body mass percentage that is far too low. Here at FitGuana, our training programs and good nutritional habits have shown to reverse this.

We are building lean body mass which has health benefits beyond just performance. It is about more than looking and feeling stronger, sufficient amounts of lean body mass are critical for building a healthy life over the long-term.

Why is it important to set goals?

Setting goals are not just for the new year. Whether you create the small goal of getting a load of laundry done before the end of the day, or you set a bigger goal such as decreasing body fat; goals are an important part of our lives. Goals help you focus, help you measure progress, help you overcome procrastination , and give you motivation.

How do I set achievable goals?

One of the best ways to create an achievable goal is using the SMART goal formula. SMART which stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound; are goals which help us map out exactly what we are trying to achieve. Often times, goals can be vague which lead to confusion and lack of accountability.

For instance, the most common vague goal we hear is “I want to lose weight”. Now in your head you could be thinking, this seems like a reasonable goal. But so is “I want a million dollars”. I could work multiple jobs, 7 days a week, for years and with no big expenses, maybe I’d get a million dollars. But I didn’t map that all out by stating “I want a million dollars”. The same goes for weight loss. I can’t say “I want to lose weight” and have no true mapped out plan on how I will achieve this goal. This is where SMART goals come into play.

Let’s keep with this idea of weight loss as our goal and start with “S” or specific. We need to be very specific about what we are looking to achieve. Instead of I want to lose weight, we can say “I want to lose 5lbs in the next 4 weeks”. This goal is specific so we know exactly where we are headed.

Now that we know how much we want to lose (5 lbs) and the time frame we want to lose it in (4 weeks), we want to be able to measure this. So we need to know our current weight, the exact number we want it to be in 4 weeks, and then how we will measure this goal (InBody). It is important to have these numbers in your stated goal so you know if you are staying on track. With the InBody, you will be able to accurately measure how much body fat you have lost and water weight is present, something a scale cannot do.

Attainable goals are ones in which we can challenge ourselves and yet still grasp. When we identify our goals, we need to determine how they will be achieved, how attainable they are, and how much effort is required. Consider your daily life and how your goal will fit in. Most importantly, be realistic! If you are not a morning person, and you dread the thought of getting up at 5am to go to the gym, you may want to consider other times to fit this in your schedule such as during your lunch break or after work.

The amount of time and energy you are willing and able to put into this goal is the key to how attainable the goal will be. Also, be sure that you are in control of your goals. If someone else has more say than you do, such as if you are not the cook in your family and you eat whatever this person makes, this may hinder your plan. It is important to account for this, and find a way to make it work for you to stay on track with your goal.

Lastly, T is for time-bound. Be sure to always set a realistic and specific time frame for this goal to be achieved. In this case, 4 weeks is our time. It is important to have your goal restricted in a time frame because without a specific time, you won’t know when you should arrive at your goal or if you have reached it at all. This also helps with procrastination and adds a little pressure to be successful.

SMART goals should have a beginning and an end which allows you to clearly see your goal, test your progress, and stay focused on what needs to get done. At FitGuana, we are always willing to help you set these goals and also help to keep you on track.

This is why FitGuana now offers “Check Ins” for our clients. Clients who take the InBody Analysis test, receive a 30 minute consultation. During this time, using the InBody Analysis results, coaches can help clients set goals and talk about their eating habits. Weekly check-ins are now offered in addition, to help keep clients on track with these goals. The best part: check ins don’t need to be in person. Squeeze in a phone call during the week and let’s chat about what progress has been made and what we can focus on in the upcoming week. It’s as simple as that, so what are you waiting for?

Does my goal need to be about my training in order to do the Check Ins with FitGuana?

The answer is NO. FitGuana now offers so much more than just training. Of course, we still offer the classes you’ve come to know and love, along with our new independent training floor. But FitGuana is about so much more than just your typical gym. We care about our clients being the healthiest versions of themselves which is why The Lounge offers smoothies and coffees made from high quality ingredients with no fillers.

We offer Nutrition Workshops once a month which cover topics such as how to plan a week of clean eating, plant based 101, and the importance of protein (coming soon).

These are all nutrition plans that we, as coaches, follow ourselves and that is why we want to share them with you. So if you are interested in setting goals within your training or beyond, we are here to help you.

Should I set more than one goal?

It is not required, but it is always good to have small specific goals. For instance, if you have a goal to go to the gym for four classes every week for one month; you may also want to add a weekly nutrition goal. Many goals can work together to promote good health.

How do I stay motivated in these goals?

The FitGuana coaches are here to be your cheerleaders. We are here to guide you through your training and also through the nutritional part of your journey. We want to help keep you on track and be successful in each and every goal you create for yourself. If you are ready for your journey to begin, we can’t wait to be your coach.

To learn more about the Nutritional Coaching, InBody Analysis or Check Ins, send us a message!

Not sure where you stand or what your body composition numbers mean? Here's a visual of different categories (link on bottom for more info):

Obese: >25% (Men); >32% (Women)

Overfat: 20-25% (Men); 28-32% (Women)

Average Fitness: 15-20% (Men); 23-28% (Women)

Athletic Fitness: 10-15% (Men); 18-23% (Women)

Exceptional Fitness /Bodybuilder Range: 3-10% (Men); 12-18% (Women)

By Deanna Virtue - FitGuana Trainer & Certified Ace Health Coach


“Is It Healthy to Have a Low Body Fat Percentage?” InBody USA, 9 Aug. 2018,

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