Making A Comeback

Let’s face it, coming back from three months of isolation has been challenging in more ways than one. Many days you wake up too sore to walk or wash your hair, and have you tried laughing after an intense core day? Ouch! We are all feeling the effects of quarantine in different ways.

For some of us, Kim’s heart pumping jumps are more challenging than we remember. For those of us who spent three months running and only running, lifting a yellow kettlebell for up downs seems like a thing of the past. And those TRX Pull Ups? HOLY COW!

We are all feeling the effects in one way or another, and you are not alone. Don’t be so hard on yourself if the weight you use to kettlebell swing has dropped significantly or the amount of push ups you can do is cut in half.

The important thing now is to evaluate where you are currently, and set new goals. As your coaches, we are here for you to help you through this transition and help get you on the right track. Whether you are striving to be your pre quarantine self or you want to push it even further, we’ve got your back (and legs, and shoulders, and core…). A great way to do this is with our InBody Analysis. It is the most accurate way to pinpoint any muscle loss and body fat percentage that may have been gained during this time away.

Your coaches are also available for consultations to help you set new goals, and then guide you through the steps to reaching these personalized goals. Does this sound like the push you need to get back on track? Make your appointment today!

Another great tool we all love to use at FitGuana, is our workout journals. Don’t have one? Ask about it next time you are here! They are a great way to not only keep track of your progress, but also keep track of which weight you used for which exercise. Sometimes I can’t remember which kettlebell I used the previous day or week, so it’s always a great reference and encouragement to push yourself to increase the intensity.

The truth is, here at FitGuana we are all about challenging ourselves by pushing the intensity every single day. We show up to train, and train hard. Classes are a great way to motivate you to push yourself along with us (sometimes with a little friendly competition). As coaches, we are here to challenge you throughout each class but we also understand that everyone trains at different levels, but we all want to train for the same similar reason.

Now, I am about to get really real with all of you but I promise there is a method to my madness. Personally, I have always trained to keep a certain body type. That a “fit" girl look. Well that, and the fact that the gym is cheaper than therapy (but that’s besides the point). I have always pushed myself to keep a certain look, but to tell you the truth that “look” has changed over the years.

When I was younger, in my dance days, the look meant a stick figure who survived on tossed salad and seven hours of training per day. In my young teenage mind, beautiful girls meant skinny girls like you would see in a ballet or in the movies. As I grew older and left the dance world, my view transitioned from wanting to be stick figure skinny to wanting to look “toned” because in college, guys only like the toned girls (right?).

So what did that mean to me? Hours upon hours of running, thinking that this was the key to a toned body. As you can imagine, I was so confused why all of this running was doing nothing but becoming super boring. Clearly, I was uneducated in the fitness department, which then led to endless crunches thinking “six pack, here I come”. I still shake my head at myself every time I think back to these days.

So why am I telling you all of this? Of course maturity plays the biggest role in these changes over the years so why talk about this now? Well the influence of the media in general also played a big part in this mindset I had, as it still does for all of us today.

We are constantly thrown this idea that muscular toned men and women are the most beautiful people on this earth and if you are not close to that, well, you are just not trying hard enough. Drop the cheeseburger and eat some kale (insert eye roll here). These muscular men and women are also the happiest people in the world (you didn’t know?), and you can only be happy if you wake up every day with a six pack.

Teenagers are fed this information from an early age with social media likes and followers, and then we continue this mindset as adults, as we compare ourselves to others' success and the ability to bounce back after having a baby.

We are so incredibly hard on ourselves for not looking a certain way; but really what defines beauty and perfection? Often we forget that this definition of beautiful and fit and perfect is in the eyes of the beholder (so cliche of me, I know). But seriously, even your own definition of perfection could change through the years.

Mine certainly has and to be brutally honest with you, I still struggle with this. For years I have looked in the mirror and couldn’t accept anything I saw. I constantly felt like I needed to work harder and push myself more to look even better. Yes, it is always a great thing to want to progress and improve your overall health. But at some point, we need to look at ourselves and say, you know what, I’ve worked hard to get here. I may have more work to do but I am damn proud of what I have accomplished. For myself, I always thought of my body as under construction, but recently I have tried to delete that thought, and try to shift my focus away from what the mirror shows me.

I think back to my first month here at FitGuana. I struggled to get through classes and I pushed beyond anything I’ve ever done. Today, I still struggle to get through classes (yes, even as a coach- it’s tough!) but that’s because I’m using heavier weights and pushing beyond my comfort zone. There is so much more to beauty than the mirror, the scale, and what social media portrays as “fit goals”.

So you are saying we all can’t look like Barbie and Ken? There are so many different body types that are all determined by numerous factors, including genetics, training styles, diet, food intolerances, stress levels, sleeping habits, etc. I could start naming different body types to give you examples, but that is not my point in any of this. I mean I could wake up in the morning and 8 hours later look totally different. In fact, on most days I do. I wake up looking muscular and defined, and after one big meal, I look 5 months pregnant. HELLO BLOAT! And again, this is a struggle I’ve learned to accept and overcome because we are human and well, pizza!

So finally, (now write this down somewhere) your idea of “fit” should NEVER EVER be your goal. Because your idea of fit could be based off of unrealistic expectations of yourself. I am not saying this to discourage you in any way, in fact I am trying to save you from the mentally draining feeling of never being perfect enough.

It is time we shift that same goal of getting “fit” to a different word. Make HEALTH your goal and priority, and with this goal you will see the real changes your body can make. Setting goals using real numbers like increasing muscle mass or decreasing body fat percentage (all shown with our InBody Analysis), is much more realistic and also measurable which drives (healthy) motivation.

Let’s make physical and mental health a priority again instead of striving for that perfectly flat stomach, round butt, and biceps bigger than your head. Instead of killing ourselves with 300 crunches and a juice cleanse, let us help you find what works for your body. One size does not fit all, so your coaches are here to help you find what works for you and keep you motivated each and every day.

So as we transition back from three months of isolation, let’s remember a few things: it’s okay to feel like a beginner again. It’s okay if you don’t pick up where you left off. Be patient with yourself; it will all come back to you. The important thing is to assess where you are and where you want to go from here. Your FitGuana coaches are your resources, so never be afraid to reach out to us. We are here to help you be the healthiest version of yourself. So eat well, train hard, love yourself, and welcome back.

Shoot us a message if you would like to discuss your goals, motivation, behavior changes, custom programming and more.

By Deanna Virtue, FitGuana Health Coach & Trainer



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