MyZone: How Does It Work?

Updated: Aug 27

If you have been to a FitGuana class, you probably noticed the television screens which display colorful MyZone data. Have you ever wondered why we use the MyZone system at FitGuana? And what do all of those numbers and colors mean anyway? 

MyZone is an innovative wearable heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor your physical activity.

The MyZone strap that our coaches and clients wear monitors heart rate, calories burned, and time spent exercising that are then converted to MyZone Effort Points, also known as MEPs. 

MyZone uses MEPs because it doesn’t measure speed, cadence, or weight lifted; it measures the effort you put in. This levels the playing field so beginner effort can be comparable with the effort exerted by elite athletes since everyone works at their own individual level. Everyone is in control of the effort they exert, and that control is what makes MyZone so fun and engaging.

Oftentimes we think we are pushing ourselves, but based on the heart rate tracked by the MyZone system, you may see you could be pushing even harder and challenge yourself even more.  It will also show you if you are fatigued, if you body needs more rest or when you have to slow down a little bit in the moment.

More about the MyZone MZ-3 Strap: The strap is washable, rechargeable (but the battery can last up to 6 months on one charge), and it also has built-in memory for training sessions outside of the gym (so you don’t have to carry your phone either). 

So what do all the colors mean? MyZone works on five color zones which each represent a percentage of your maximum heart rate. The max heart rate is calculated specifically to you by MyZone's algorithm.

Everyone’s goal is different, and the aim is not to always get to red (the highest intensity).  The zone shown will depend on the training session as well as you as an individual. That is why we never compare or set colors as immediate goals.

Your fitness activity and all of the data is conveniently available on the MyZone App which is available for free at the app store. The data also syncs with Apple Health for those iPhone users out there.

Seeing your data on the MyZone app allows for motivation, accountability, engagement with your coaches and other members.

As users, we connect through the app and encourage each other with comments and likes. The FitGuana community has really come together with this app especially through the lockdown, and it was the reason many of us continued to work hard throughout the months gyms were shut down. 

At FitGuana, we also create different MyZone challenges every month. These challenges are so much fun, and are just another element to add to your motivation.

Although we can get competitive (because the prize is bragging rights) each challenge comes with lots of laughs and has created an even closer community for our members.

MyZone is all about tracking your effort and being rewarded for all your hard work. It is not about competing against others, but to help yourself progress and watch as you do so.  It increases motivation, accountability and most importantly, is fun.

Once you own the strap, there are no fees whatsoever. FitGuana is an official MyZone facility and pays the license fees because of the benefits it provides for our community.

Interested in purchasing a MyZone Strap and joining in on the fun? Purchase now through August 31st, and receive a FREE FitGuana Bandana!

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