Prenatal & Postnatal Coaching

We are happy to announce we now offer pre & postnatal coaching as well in the form of personal training, training programs, consultations and small group classes (coming soon).

1. Private Training for all stages of pregnancy

Using an evidence-based approach to training, our certified pre and postnatal coach will safely guide you through all stages of pregnancy and postpartum recovery to optimize your health and prepare you for the unique and specific demands pregnancy and childbirth bring.

Your customized personal training program will begin with an assessment and include a balanced combination of the following based on your personal goals and training level:

  • Dynamic movement that focuses on proper breathing and alignment

  • Strength training to maintain or increase overall muscle mass and strengthen the core and pelvic floor muscles

  • Cardiovascular activity that encourages comfortable movement

  • Restorative exercises that leave you feeling energized

2. Postnatal Consultation + 4 Week Training Program

It does not matter how long it has been since you have had your baby - if your core and pelvic floor did not recover properly it can lead to a lifetime of unwanted side effects, including incontinence, diastas recti, and pelvic pain.

Our certified pre and postnatal coach will help you assess the functional deficiencies of your core and customize 4 weeks of training to kickstart your return to a properly functioning and stable core.

3. Prenatal & Postnatal Program Design

A customized weekly program designed by our certified pre and postnatal coach will support you through your pregnancy and recovery to keep you strong and moving safely.

About our certified Prenatal & Postnatal Coach Kim:

Kim Hadermayer is a certified personal trainer who specializes in training pre and postnatal women.

She earned this additional certification through Girls Gone Strong - the industry's most comprehensive and respected evidence-based program for coaching and training pregnant and postpartum women.

A mother of two who lives in Ridgefield, CT, Kim struggled to find knowledgable trainers who could help her safely maintain her desired level of activity throughout her pregnancy and make sense of the varied and confusing information sporadically found in magazines and on the Internet.

After speaking with dozens of other women struggling with postpartum side effects in her work as a group fitness instructor, she decided to study the science behind pre and postnatal fitness and well-being so she could create safe, trusted and effective programs women need and give them the confidence to be the healthiest they can be for their growing families and, most importantly, for themselves. 

Kim is also Group Fitness certified through ACE and a Certified Fitness Trainer through ISSA.  She is also CPR / AED certified.

To book, contact us or book through our website!


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