Private Nutrition Consultations

Have you ever heard of the phrase “You can’t out run your fork”?

Physical activity plays a vital role in our health, but the truth is, the food that we eat every day not only effects our overall health, but it can also change how effective our daily workouts are.

What we consume before and after training, along with our daily nutrient intake is extremely important to learn and understand. Fitness and nutrition work together to provide you with the healthiest version of yourself, but one cannot work (most effectively) without the other. For example, you wouldn’t type up a report at work only to close out of the program before saving and/or printing. You would have just wasted your time typing for hours with nothing to show for it. The same goes for fitness and nutrition.

A person may train for one hour every morning, burning tons of calories; only to go home and eat only a granola bar or even skip a meal. If this is something you have found yourself doing, don’t be too hard on yourself because it is a common misconception that smaller meals or skipping meals will help with losing weight (if that is your goal). Same goes for those of us trying to “tone” or gain muscle. What you put in those protein shakes can make a difference in your recovery and results.

Every day, what you chose to fuel your body with, will determine just how successful you will be in reaching these goals.

How do you know what the best approach is for your type of training, your goals, and most importantly your body? A private nutrition consultation will give you the tools you need to tackle your goals. During this hour, you will sit down with our certified health coach and discuss your goals, eating habits, and learn an individualized approach to your best healthy self.

So what is a Health Coach?

If the title “Health Coach” makes you think of your 10th grade gym teacher talking about health education, or your 8th grade football coach yelling at you while you perform 100 pushups in 90 degree weather… you are not alone, but let’s eliminate that analogy.

Much like a Fitness Trainer, Health Coaches train you for the other areas of your life, primarily nutrition and eating habits; while helping you learn to manage time, stress, and anxiety which can negatively effect your healthy lifestyle.

Working one-on-one with a Health Coach means you can diagnosis any major or minor issues that may be preventing you from accomplishing your overall goals.

Then, along with your coach, you can plan out the details of exactly how to successfully reach these goals. A Health Coach is the person to keep you motivated in your journey to a healthy lifestyle, and will help to give you all the right tools to do so.

To book a session, please do so through our Booking Page or through the Wix app. You can also send us a message. We're looking forward to meeting with you!


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