Schedule Changes Starting August 24, 2020

Starting next week, we are making a few changes to our class schedule with the start of the new school year. Please keep in mind:

- There's still a global pandemic going on and many state restrictions and guidelines. Capacity and business is temporarily altered. Our area is in great shape and we feel safe and comfortable due to the way we run our business and classes. Do we wish things were different? Sure but we have to be patient and do the very best we can (which our team believes we've done a pretty great job with!) We still offer virtual and dual mode classes and are working on some great video content as well.

- Some clients prefer 6am classes while others prefer 5.30am classes. There is no normal in anyone's life so our early morning coaches Sander & Kim will offer double sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Clients can come in at 5.30am and start working out. Others can come in at 6am and warm up while the early birds finish up one part of the class. After warmup everyone joins the same drill or sequence. Early birds can leave at 6.30am or stay until 7am. Due to our very creative and capable coaches, we think this will work very well and we hope to cater to all preferences.

- Wednesdays early morning classes are added.

- Slight change on Tuesdays and Thursdays: 5.30pm class instead of 5.15pm class.

If schools close or conditions in the state change, further modifications may occur.

Please check out the updated schedule on the Wix app or our schedule page.

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