Struggling to Master FitGuana Classes?

FitGuana classes are challenging, there is no doubt about it. They are heart pumping, muscle failing, and all out exhausting for the entire body, yet leaves you feeling strong even on the toughest days. But have you ever found yourself struggling in class to learn new exercises? 

Lucky for you, we offer TECHNIC 101 class every Wednesday night at 5pm. This class is FREE to ALL MEMBERS. It is a full hour that we dedicate to you, our members. We are here to answer your questions, help you overcome any obstacle you may be facing in class, correct form, and provide you with feedback for any particular moves that may be giving you trouble. 

For example: Have you mastered the TRX? We are always using the TRX during classes, so it would be extremely beneficial to learn how to properly use the TRX. Still trying to learn the kettlebell work that we have grown so fond of? From swings and deadlifts to cleans and snatches- we are giving you this time every week to learn and practice so you can train with improved form during class. 

Taking this time to learn proper form can greatly improve your training, and provide you with the confidence to go all out (safely) during classes. We hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity soon. 

Sign up today! Bring your questions and any material you are looking to focus on. We can’t wait to help our members take their training to the next level! 


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