The Most Important Factor In Training

For a very long time I have gone against the old gym model. The industry loves to make you believe there is a best way to work out, their way is superior or you’re losing out if you don’t do A or B. Oh and don’t forget about the sale today because tomorrow it goes up 263%!

There are so many sales pitches it makes you dizzy and the contradicting articles in the fitness magazines (not proven studies) make you more confused than ever.

The focus of the huge fitness industry is on short term monetary gains, not necessarily on improving long term health and clients’ lives.

Now there is a little truth or advantage to some of it. Some new methods do carry some benefits, introduce new elements and some coaches are able to weed through and offer only the valid information without the nonsense. It adds to the evolution of the industry, which is much needed. Yet the claims should never be as extreme or misleading as they often are.

A good gym or coach however trains clients based on a vast knowledge of the exercise sciences and recognizes there is not one best way. They can also recognize issues, modify and are creative by combining many different elements. That’s why coaching is both an art and a science.

This is important as you want quality. You want results and you want what you spent your hard earned money on to be worth it. However in the grand scope of things there is one thing that’s equally or even more important…

Let’s say you have the greatest book in the world but you rather watch tv night after night. You have the best recipe but don’t bother with it. Or athletes who have an incredible talent but don’t put in the work.

It all comes down to motivation.

Without it, everything else carries no value. Now more than ever this is applicable to our current situation.

Truth be told, there are some great resources and platforms out there who are able to train you remotely or offer good content. But there are few people who are successful at in home training. Sometimes the program doesn’t quite fit right (it needs to be personalized) or the focus is wrong (what are your goals). It’s also hard to figure out what is good and what is bad… and how to piece it together.

Most of the time however, people have a hard time motivating themselves at home. And I can’t blame them because it’s damn hard to train in your living room with kids spilling things, yelling and the dogs wanting to play…

Motivating people is why we built FitGuana the way we did.

  • We have incredible coaches who are extremely passionate about what they do.

  • Our training is varied, fun, creative and challenging.

  • The facility design is different than any other gym and enjoyable to be in.

  • We have ethical business practices so you don’t have to worry about contracts or cancelling.

  • Our different training methods focus on improving body composition, gaining strength and losing excess body fat (depending on individual goals of course).

However by combining all elements, one of the most important things we tried to create is an inspiring atmosphere and community which motivates you, drives and pushes you to get results and have fun while doing so.

Our clients can testify that they get pushed harder than they ever would by themselves. They’re being pulled out of their comfort zone in a safe way and the coaches have their backs.

When I see clients come in, my heart makes a happy jump because I know they’re there to work. Because I love to work it hard it feels comfortable and motivating and in turn feeds my energy.

Yes the socializing is nice, we have lots of laughs and it’s always great to see everyone but we are all there for the same reason. To lay down the hard work, get a sweat and earn our results. That’s where the difference lies and that’s where the leap forward is made.

No fancy named method, computer software or latest fitness hype can ever replicate that feeling or drive for me. Going to FitGuana and training side by side with our clients can’t be beat. We will continue doing what we do best and ensure that our facility remains a place which you can look forward to coming to. We want it to be a highlight of your day and want you to leave feeling satisfied and happy. In the meantime, hang in there and do what you can. You got this.

We promise you that, after we reopen, we will make sure you get back on track as soon as possible.

We are anxious to start up again in a month or so, per the latest information from the state. In the meantime, stay active and let us know if you need any help finding more workout content (in addition to what is available) or motivation!

As always, thanks to our clients for the supportive messages.



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