What is High Intensity Interval Training?

One of our favorite classes we offer is HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is a training method in which you do train at high intensity with small and often, active recovery periods in between different exercises, station or sets.

This type of exercise is not only fun and motivating, but it also burn more calories due to your heart rate being (and staying) high. Therefore, it burns more fat during but also after your training session due to an increased “afterburn effect”.

Due to the high intensity factor, studies have shown that your metabolism is increased for up the 48 hours after your session.

It also greatly improves your cardiac abilities, your endurance levels, your coordination and strength because your muscles will adapt and become much more efficient.

HIIT is also incredibly interactive. Workouts are never the same and will both keep your body and mind guessing. This ensures a continuous progression in your training results and feel. Your body composition will shift to a more athletic body due to gaining and maintaining your lean muscle mass and dropping body fat.

High Intensity Training can be done in many ways and from a coaching standpoint, the sky is the limit. That is why our coaches at FitGuana offer a wide variety of drills, workouts and routines. Not only do you always keep growing as the well versed athlete we want you to be but your training also never gets “stale”. It is also the perfect training to add to your regimen if you want to pursue being a true hybrid athlete.

Our HIIT classes can be modified for people of all levels and with limitations. There are always variations or modifications available within the same training structure, especially due to the great (and functional) equipment choices we have available at FitGuana. However, due to the group atmosphere and motivation, everyone works hard and pushes their own limits.

Join HIIT sessions at FitGuana's gym in the center of Ridgefield. Free week trials for new clients.



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