Why Do We Wait

How often have you said, “I’ll start my diet on Monday” or “I’ll go back to the gym in January”? Why do we always wait for a certain time to start something new or different? Our minds convince us we have to wait or create a specific time when we are ready to take on something we are dreading.

I will mentally prepare myself all weekend to give up cookies, by eating cookies all weekend. (UH?) I’m not here to tell you about the science behind why this simply doesn’t work, I’ll just say feeding your body sugar, only makes your body want more sugar (aka feeding those endorphins). I didn't write this blog to give you scientific facts or make you feel ashamed for eating a cookie. Instead, I want to discuss your thoughts when you hear the words gym or diet (insert shiver here). The positive or negative thoughts when we hear these words can actually influence how successful we are when taking care of our overall health.

So how can your mindset ultimately determine how successful you are in creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself? In today’s world, many people have a negative mindset associated with the health and fitness industry that gives us the idea we need to mentally prepare ourselves for making a change even if this change will actually benefit us in more ways than I could ever list.

We dread dragging ourselves to the gym, and how many times will you buy spinach only to throw it out in a week? Society knows this about the average person, and often feeds off of this negative mindset as a way to try to sell you a magical pill or weight loss plan that will make you drop 10lbs in your first 2 weeks. These programs know you are looking for the fastest way to lose that 10lbs without having to do much work at all.

But tell me:

  • Will your lifestyle truly change when the program is finished?

  • Will you know how to create and maintain the healthiest version of yourself for more than just a few weeks or months?

  • Will you have the knowledge to maintain a lifelong healthy lifestyle?

  • Will you learn how to shift your negative mindset regarding your health and your choices?

For example, turning, “I have to go to the gym tomorrow morning”- into “I get to go to the gym tomorrow morning”. See how one word can completely change the way we view the gym? Listen, I’m not saying you will learn to love the gym so much that there will never ever be another morning where you have to drag yourself out of bed to make it to class on time. But I am saying that, a majority of days where you plan on going to the gym, will not be dreadful. In fact, you may look forward to these days (I know, I sound like a crazy fitness instructor or something).

Of course fitness is just a piece of the puzzle in your overall healthly lifestyle and if you want to transform your body, you must first start with your mindset. Not sure how to go about this? That’s okay, because most people don’t know how to do this alone. This is also why FitGuana now offers coaching with our transformation specialist and health coach. In fact, if you sign up today for a FitGuana membership you could be one of the select members who receives a FREE $400 Transformation Boost Package (new members only).

Remember those cookies you were giving up? What if I told you our specialist can show you how to go about this change without the negative word DIET involved? If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me about the keto diet, paleo diet, intermittent fasting, or detox (aka juicing) diet, I could probably buy a lot of cookies.

Now, because you are interested (I can tell because you are still reading) I am going to tell you the secret to every single one of these diets without saying if they work or don’t work. This is something no big marketing weight loss company wants you to know, so let’s keep this between us.

First, I must tell you I am not a supporter of diets, and it’s my personal opinion that they simply do NOT work IF you plan on making a lifelong commitment to your health. Alright, you’ve waited long enough- The big secret to every one of these diets is: you are restricting food (calories). Whether that is by restricting a particular macro such as carbohydrates, avoiding food for a certain period of time during the day, or avoiding highly processed foods, these all have one thing in common. YOU ARE EATING LESS CALORIES! Of course these diets are going to “work” for a certain period of time, because you are eating less than you normally would. Popular diets are simply putting a pretty name to making you eat less. Sorry Atkins, South Beach, and all the other celebrity endorsed nonsense diets.

So if I’m telling you this is NOT the way to go about a lifelong commitment to your health, then what works? You really want to know? Here is the key: go to FitGuana.com and book your Nutrition Consultation today. Let’s sit down together and figure out what works for you individually. Together we can make your health a priority in your crazy busy, stressful life. This consultation will be all about you and providing you with the tools you need to be successful. If you are looking for a magic pill, I am sorry I cannot provide this; but I can confidently say you will walk away from this consultation with the best methods for creating a healthy life for yourself.

STOP WAITING! Monday will be no different from today and next month will be no different from right now. Start living the healthiest version of yourself, for yourself with the help of your FitGuana coaches.

By Deanna Virtue, FitGuana Health Coach & Trainer


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