Jump Switch Lunge

Lunge and make sure your knees do not pass your toes.  A 90 degree angle in your joints is advised.

Jump up from your bottom position (knees are slightly off the ground) and switch your position.  Land directly into the deep lunge. 

Jump Squat

Stand with your feet hip width apart, toes pointing slightly out. Keep the back upright and sternum facing forward.


Squat down until your quads are parallel to the floor and jump up.


Land directly into a deep squat position.

TRX Leg Extension

TRX Halfway Length

Place your feet in the bottom straps, rest on your hands and raise your knees off the ground.


Press into the top of your feet while raising the hip towards the ceiling.  Do not allow your feet to travel backwards (by using hip flexors or core).  Instead press up while keeping your feet exactly where the are. 

TRX Lateral Lunge

TRX Halfway Length


Place your foot in the bottom strap and stand at a 90 degree angle.  Lunge through the standing leg and press the tailbone backwards while keeping the back upright and sternum facing forward. 

TRX Elevated Curtsy Lunge

TRX Halfway Length


Place your foot in the bottom strap and face away from the strap.

Lunge through the standing leg and bend through the elevated knee as you lunge.

Transition the elevated foot behind and across the standing leg before you return to standing. 

TRX Bulgarian Split Squat

TRX Halfway Length


Place your foot in the bottom strap and face away from the strap.

As you lunge through your standing leg, also bend the elevated leg's knee so the foot does not travel backwards.


The knee should not pass the toes and the weight should remain on the mid foot.

Wall Squat

Place feet agains the wall or box and hands close your body.  


Walk forward and keep the knee off the ground as you walk forward and backwards.

Leg Extension

Place your feet on a chair, box or bench.  Keep the hands close by as you raise the knees off the ground.  The knees should point straight down.


By pressing into the feet and utilizing the quads, raise the hip up to the ceiling.

Sit Down Squat

Place your feet hip width apart with the toes slightly pointed out. 

Squat and lead the tailbone back as you sit down and place your full weight on the box.  Then return and hip forward as you start the upwards motion.

Med Ball Alternating Knee Squat

Optional weight held.

Lower yourself to a proper squat position, lower one knee to the ground, then the other.  


Return by placing one foot at a time on the ground and return to squat position but do not stand upright during reps.

Med Ball Squat

Hold a med ball or kettle bell, lower yourself by simultaneously hip hinging, bending the knees and pointing the tailbone to the rear.

Do not let your knees pass your toes and keep the weight on the mid foot.  Keep the chest pointing forward and the spine up.  Bring your thighs below parallel.

Kettle Bell Split Lunge

Hold a kettle bell on the same side of the leg that is behind you.

Take a step forward and lunge.  Make sure all joints have a 90 degree angle and the front knee does not surpass the toes.

As you keep your feet in place, move up and down in the lunge position.

Kettle Bell Squat

Hold a kettle bell with straight arms.  Stand hip width apart with your toes pointed out slightly.

Lower the weight as you squat and keep it in the center of your gravity point between your legs. 

Do not let your knees travel past your toes.  Instead keep the weight on the mid foot and lead by bringing the tailbone to your rear.  Hip hinge and do not round your back (Chest should face forward, not down).

Kettle Bell Suitcase Squat

Squat and grab the kettle bell to your side.  Brace your core and keep your spine straight and torse upright during the movement.

Kettle Bell Double Suitcase Squat

Squat and grab the kettle bells to your side.  


Brace your core and keep your spine straight and torse upright during the movement.

Pass Through 


Lunge and grab a kettle bell.  

Pass it through the leg opening underneath the thigh back and forth while lunging full range and returning to standing while keeping your feet in place.

Goblet Squat

Grab the kettle bell and hold it in front of your sternum.

Squat down as you keep the body weight on your mid feet, back straight and sternum facing up and forward.

Brace your core as you squat.

Bulgarian Split Squat

Place one foot on a chair, bench or box.  Step forward with the other foot.  Lower yourself by keeping your weight distributed on both feet.

Bend the rear knee as you bend the front one and make sure the knees do not pass the toes on the front foot.  Lower yourself until your thigh is parallel to the floor.


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