Every class is creative and different to ensure fun and continuous progress.

Enjoy our Group Fitness Facility or Independent Training Floor.


Our coaches focus on safety as well as modifying whenever needed so everyone can work at their own level.

No Contracts

We want people to come because they choose to.  That's why we don't issue contracts and have fair, straightforward pricing.


FitGuana is an official MyZone facility.  Track your heart rate and use it to your advantage.




High Intensity Interval Training is an incredibly efficient way to burn calories and build as well as retain lean muscle mass.  It has been proven that this type of training results in better stamina and strength and carries many benefits over pure steady state cardio or weight lifting.

This class is 70% cardio and 30% strength and we believe should be a part of everyone's training for optimal fitness!  Everyone works at their own individual level.


Our MyZone heart rate tracking system gives you the opportunity to accurately monitor your exercise, progress and earn rewards!


This class will make you stronger as well as leaner.  You will challenge your muscles while keeping the heart rate at an increased level during most of the class for optimal calorie burn.
This type of training is ideal for people who want to get shredded, build lean mass and get strong!

This training class is 70% strength and 30% cardio.  Everyone works at their own individual level.

Our MyZone heart rate tracking system gives you the opportunity to accurately monitor your exercise, progress and earn rewards!



Tactical fitness is about being ready for the unexpected and focuses on longevity.  The classes are similar to our HIIT / HIRT classes but may focus more on movements that are specific to pulls, carries, core building, sprints, may include conditioning drills and so on. Classes will have different topics and will keep your training varied and challenge any athlete.

This class will make you lean, conditioned and give you a lot more strength per pound.  That's what being prepared is about.  Improve your health, strength and become more capable than you were before.

Everyone works at their own individual level.

           TECHNIQUE 101


This class takes place twice weekly in the Independent Training Floor and is open for all members.  This is a Q&A session which will go over proper technique, programming, warmup and cool down methods, exercise routines etcetera.


This is not a private training session, the focus lies on learning proper form and training methods.

           YOGA WITH TRX


When you train hard, you have to restore the balance.  That is our goal with our TRX yoga sessions. These sessions are short 15 minute blocks after other training sessions to encourage proper stretching.

All levels are welcome and we strongly encourage all members to take advantage of our complimentary TRX yoga sessions for optimal health and performance.



Our personal training sessions enable you to take advantage of your trainer's full attention as well as all our highly efficient equipment at our facility.  These sessions are offered privately to give the client the best training experience possible.

Modifications are continuously made to your training program based on your goals, progress, limitations among all other factors.  We offer sessions for all levels and all goals.  As athletes ourselves, we understand the importance of a strong healthy body, staying injury free and performing at a high level.

           INBODY BODY ANALYSIS + CONSULTATION​ (30 minutes)

The InBody 270 is a professional body composition analyzer.  It uses non invasive cutting edge Bio Electrical Impedance Analysis to accurately measure your water, muscle and fat composition in your body.

FitGuana invested in this technology to offer clients the most accurate way in studio to determine their body composition.  During the consultation, we interpret the results and make an objective determination as to what it means for your health, performance and setting goals to pursue the best path ahead.


You receive a detailed full results sheet after your test and consultation. Now $25 off your first consultation with the code INBODY25

Follow up tests are very cost effective to promote continuous follow up and progress tracking.

           CYCLING & TRIATHLON COACHING with Trainer Vanacker


FitGuana is proud to be an official Wahoo Kickr Studio and offers cycling and triathlon training programming, private Kickr coaching as well as other conditioning for cyclists and triathletes.  

Trainer Vanacker was a competitive road cyclist for the Daikin Cycling Team as well as the Josan Procontinental Team from 2006-2010.  Since he has shifted his athletic goals but cycling and training programming always remains a favorite.  

He has completed several olympic triathlons and has the goal of completing an IronMan.

Training Programs include:

– Weekly power and heart rate based program and review
– Specific individualized workouts and training to reach your short and long term goals 

– Unlimited communications by email
– Goal setting specific to you
– Regular field testing, depending on program needs 


Guaranteed to :

  • Be responsive

  • Be timely with your program so you can prepare

  • Give clear instructions

  • Customize to your needs, abilities and goals

  • Be honest with your goals, assessments and progress

When we test or train on the Kickr device, resistance is controlled automatically to match your target power output based on individual FTP for the ultimate personalized workout.  Specific indoor workouts can be programmed or we can determine your FTP on the Kickr instead of doing it outdoors.  This prevents traffic interruptions within a controlled environment.

The Wahoo Kickr session can accommodate up to 4 riders so message us at for more info.




Our teen membership includes full access to all classes on the schedule for a discounted membership rate.

FitGuana also offers special Sports Conditioning Packages for the high school athlete of 15-18 years old to optimally prepare for their sports or simply to become stronger and healthier.  


These packages include group classes of choice as well as personal training sessions to boost their fitness and performance.  Our coaches are highly trained in Physical Education, agility, conditioning and injury prevention to assist your high school athlete in reaching peak performance.


Contact us for more information or take a look on our pricing page.


           Weekly Digital Training Program


Starting in 2019, FitGuana will offer a weekly training routine designed to replicate the type of training we do at our facility.  This service is included for all current members free of charge and also available to people worldwide.  All you need is your laptop or mobile device to access the training program.

This service is hugely beneficial for members and non members alike.  Certain sessions of the week will point to our classes and complimentary training sessions are added to stay active in between.  This could be a cardio workout, an active recovery session etcetera.  You have the choices to do as much as you want or can while following a training plan created by professional trainers.  We believe in hybrid athletics so this will enable you to become an even better multi athlete.

For non members or members who are traveling, all workouts will be broken down completely so you can experience the FitGuana training methods from wherever you are.

           Remote Training Programming

The coaches at FitGuana also write custom programs for clients worldwide.  These programs are written specifically for your needs, goals, specific discipline and access to equipment.  Training sessions are tailored exactly for you and are one of the best ways to reach your personal goals.

           Downloadable Training Programs

On our website, we also offer downloadable training programs for athletes of different disciplines, goals and levels.  Most of these programs are 8 to 12 weeks of length.  The program objectives range from Triathlon training to cycling, obstacle course races, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), TRX training and more.

           Exercise Library

FitGuana also has a growing exercise library for everyone to enjoy.  Use this complimentary tool to learn proper form, come up with new exercise ideas or as reference for one of our many remote training options.




As a hybrid gym, we also offer a 2,200 square feet Independent Training Floor so our clients can use the gym and equipment when you can't attend class.  FitGuana staff is present at all times and there will be circuit training Workout of the Day as well as other training programs available.


Clients will enjoy "Technique 101" sessions to learn proper form, how to use the equipment and how to program their workouts as well as templated workout programs based on your goals designed by our coaches to ensure you have some guidance during your training (optional).  


           Regular Workshops & Seminars


Please check our blog, schedule or social media for our agenda.  FitGuana hosts regular workshops and seminars with one of our trainers or guest speakers.  Topics could include nutritional science & habits, foam rolling, everyday stretching, training programming etcetera.


           Runner & Cyclist Conditioning Program


Organized every Fall and Spring, FitGuana organizes a 6 week Runner & Cyclists conditioning program.  Classes take place every Saturday from 9-10am and Wednesdays from 6.30-7.30am.  The focus is on injury prevention, strength building, core stability and overall body development to aid in your goals.

The program is offered as a 10 class punch card so you can use the classes any time.  If you have classes remaining, you can simply use them towards any other class or carry them over to the next session.

           Senior Exercise Classes


Taking place twice a month, FitGuana hosts senior exercise classes. The goal is to teach the elderly participants on how to use basic equipment in a safe and effective way.  This gets the participants moving but also encourages them to keep exercising on their own.

Contact us for more information or look at our schedule for days and times.


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