TRX Tricep Extensions 

TRX Halfway Length


Place your hand on the handles and face away from the anchor point.  Place your feet at a suitable level.


Bend through the elbows while keeping them at eye level.  Your body should remain straight the entire time.  Bring the hands towards the ears and press back into the handles to your starting position.  Do not rotate the shoulders or bend the hip. 


Place your hands on the box and face away.  You can bend the knees or make the exercise harder by extending the legs.


Lower your body but keep the torso close to the box.  Lower until your upper arm is parallel to the floor. 

Tricep Presses

Start in a plank position with a 90 degree angle in your elbows and your hands parallel in front of you.  


Press into the hands and raise your elbows off the ground.  Slowly return to starting position. 

Diamond Push Up

Place your thumbs and index fingers together in a diamond shape.  


Perform push ups with the elbows wide.  Go from the knees if necessary. 

Kettle Bell Isolation Tricep Extensions

Grab a kettle bell and lean forward while resting on the opposite side knee.


Raise the upper arm parallel to the floor and stabilize the core.


Extend the arm by pressing the kettle bell to your rear.  There is no shoulder movement.  Only the forearm moves by elbow rotation, hence the isolation. 

Kettle Bell Skullcrusher

Hold the kettle bell either at the side of the handle or its body and raise above your head.


Lower the bell behind your head to a full bend of the elbow, followed by an extension overhead.  Brace the core throu 

TRX Triceps Kickback

TRX Halfway Length

Grab the handles and face the knuckles down towards the ground.

Lean back on the strap and bend the elbows at a 90 degree angle against your side.  The elbows never leave your side.

By extending your arms downwards (tricep extension), raise your body until you are standing upright.  Lower yourself slowly and in control by doing a slow negative rep on the tricep kickback.


TRX Single Arm Tricep Extension

TRX Halfway Length

Grab the single strap with one hand.

Gently lean forward into the strap and bend the elbow.  Keep the elbow at eye level.

Bring the hand of the bent arm towards the ear and press back to return.


Adjust feet as needed.


TRX Skullcrusher

TRX Mid Calf Length

Grab the handles and sit on the knees.  Adjust the position as needed.

Lean forward after you push the hip forward to achieve a straight back and bend the elbows.  Keep the elbows at eye level and bring the hands towards the ears.

Press back into the handles and do not change the shoulder angle.  Isolate the tricep extension and press yourself up.





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